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Today for Monday, October 8, 2007

YORK DAYWorld War I hero for the U.S.Monday Night Football...Dallas Cowboys at Buffalo Bills 8:30pm EDTChevy Chase is 64 today...Matt Damon is 33...Jesse Jackson is 66...Sigourney (Susan) Weaver is 58.----------------------------------------------------------------------------BIRTHDAYS1708 French Civil Engineer JEAN PERRONET (Pont de la Concorde, Paris)1713 Scottish Poet ALISON COCKBURN1838 Statesman/Writer JOHN HAY1857 Theatrical Manager EDWARD FRANKLIN ALBEE1869 Coinventor/1st US auto J. ... FRANK DURYEA1872 English Novelist JOHN COWPER POWYS (Atlantis, Wood & ... The Gang)1951 Rock Guitarist JOHNNY RAMONE (From Long Island (Road to Ruin)1952 Hockey Player BOB NYSTROM (NY Islander)1953 Country singer/musician RICKY LEE PHELPS1954 Actor MICHAEL DUDIKOFF1954 Tackle TED ALBRECHT1955 Actor SCOTT BAKULA Quantum Leap, Mr.

Lander in the Morning !

Kelly Malone    John Lander in the MorningWBMX/BostonMIX Hello everyone.  ... "Kelly Malone    John Lander in the MorningWBMX/BostonMIX

Today for September 17, 2007

The Chicago Bulls1947 Cartoonist JOHN MACNELLY "Shoe"1948 Actor JOHN RITTER (3's Company, Hooperman)1950 Musician FEE WAYBILL (The Tubes)1951 Actress CASSANDRA PETERSON1956 Comedian RITA RUDNER1958 Cuban weightlifter DANIEL NU¤EZ AGUIAR (Olympic gold 1980)1960 World Champion Racer DAMON HILL1962 Actor DUSTIN NGUYEN (21 Jump Street- Harry)1962 Singer BEBE WINANS1965 Actor KYLE CHANDLER("Eary Edition")1966 Rapper DOUG E. ... Lyrics handwritten by John Lennon sold for $103, 500 in a London auction. 

John Lander and Kelly Malone-WBMX, Boston

WBMX Bostonby wbmxkellymalone on 14 September 2007, 10:31 AM  Hey All!Our biggest surprise topic that generated tons of buzz was the Southwest Airlines story.  In case you missed it, Southwest kicked off a Hooters Waitress for wearing a mini-skirt they deemed inappropriate.  Apparentl

Today for Monday, August 20, 2007

GELFAND1916 Actor VAN JOHNSON1920 Basketball player JOHN HARGIS1921 Novelist JACQUELINE SUSANN (Valley Of The Dolls)1924 Country singer/actor JIM REEVES1927 Guitarist JIMMY RANEY1931 Promoter DON KING1933 US senator GEORGE MITCHELL (D-Maine- majority leader (1989-  ... GRAY III (D-Pennsylvania)1942 Actor/Singer ISSAC HAYES ("Shaft"..the chef on South Park)1942 Baseball Pitcher FRED NORMAN1943 Trombonist JIGGS WHIGHAM1944 Baseball player GREG NETTLES1944 Prime Minister of India RAJIV GANDHI1946 TV newscaster CONNIE CHUNG1947 Rock trombonist JIM PANKOW (Chicago)1948 Football center TOM BANKS1948 Rock vocalist ROBERT PLANT (Led Zeppelin)1951 Rock musician PHIL LYNOTT (Thin Lizzy)1952 Baseball Pitcher LANCE RAUTZHAN1952 Singer RUDY GATLIN The Gatlin Brothers1952 Singer/songwriter JOHN HIATT1953 Actor PETER HORTON "thirtysomething"1954 Weatherman AL ROKER(Today Show)1955 Actor JAY ACOVONE1956 Actress JOAN ALLEN1958 Basketball player RICKEY BROWN1961 TV personality ASHA BLAKE1962 Actor JAMES MARSTERS (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)1965 Rapper KRS-ONE 1967 WWF Wrestler TERRI POCH1967 Baseball Player KRISTEN MILLER1970 Actor JAMES MARSTERS (Spike on Buffy The Vampire Slayer)1971 Singer FRED DURST (Limp Bizkit)1972 Actor KE HUY QUAN (Together We Stand, Temple of Doom)1972 Actor CHANEY KLEY (Legally Blonde)1973 BaseballPlayer TODD HELTON1975 Singer MONIQUE POWELL(Save Ferris)1975 Actress AMY ADAMS (Catch Me If You Can, Talladega Nights)1977 Actress KRISTEN MILLER----------------------------------------------------------------------------ON THIS DATE IN...1619 

Today for Monday, August 6, 2007

St Louis Card John Lush's 2nd no-hitter beats Dodgers 2-0 in 6 innings1914  ... "Don Juan" with John Barrymore is shown1926  ... President Johnson's daughter Luci was married to Patrick Nugent in the White House.1971 

Today for Monday, July 23, 2007

Thomas out.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lander in the Morning ! ... by wbmxkellymalone on 20 July 2007, 12:31 PM  Kelly MaloneLander in the MorningMIX 98-5WBMX/Bostonkmalone@mix985.comHi all! ... Lander asked the listeners for the #1 answer as we went into a commercial break. 

Today for Monday, July 16, 2007

Phoebe Cates is 44...Michael Flatley is 49...Bess Myerson is 83...Barry Sanders is 39.Ruben Blades is 59..Will Farrell is 40..------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BIRTHDAYS1704 English Machinist JOHN KAY (inventor of the flying shuttle)1723 English Portrait Painter SIR JOSHUA REYNOLDS1746 Astronomer GIUSEPPE PIAZZI (discoverer of 1st asteroid, Ceres)1796 Artist JEAN BAPTISTE COROT1821 Founder-Christian Science MARY BAKER EDDY (Science & ... John Glenn sets transcontinental speed record 3 hours, 28 minutes and 8 seconds, coast to coast....1960  ... STYX co-founder and drummer, 47 year old John Pannozo, is found dead in his Chicago home from a gastrointestinal hemorrage. 

Yesterday - Friday, July 6, 2007

THEFOLLOWING MATERIAL IS FOR THE EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS OF SUPERSTAR MEMBERSONLY....USE OF THIS INFORMATION BY NON MEMBERS IS PROHIBITED------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THIS IS THE NEW RADIO STAR **SUPERSTAR** FOR FRIDAY, JULY 6, 2007--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Dayhttp://www.wellcat.comTour de France begins today..http://www.letour.frJohn Lennon met Paul McCartney for the first time..50 years ago today..2007 Hot Dog Eating Contest tonight at 8:00 PM EDT- ESPNAllyce Beasley is 53 today...Ned Beatty is 70...George W. ... Burt Ward is 62..------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Saturday, July 77/07/07Father Daughter Take A Walk Together Day..National Personal Chef Day..Pepsi 400 NASCAR race at Daytona Beach, Florida...Shelley Duvall is 58 today...Michelle Kwan is 27...Lisa Leslie is 35...Doc Severinsen is 80...Ringo Starr is 67...------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sunday, July 8Children's DaySCUD Day..Savor the Comic, Unplug the DramaNATIONAL THERAPEUTIC RECREATION WEEKhttp://www.nrpa.orgKevin Bacon is 49 today...Raffi Cavoukian is 59...Anjelica Huston is 56...Steve Lawrence is 72..Billy Cradup is 39..Beck Hansen is 37..Jeffrey Tambor is 63..------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BIRTHDAYS1747 Naval hero JOHN PAUL JONES1781 Founder of Singapore SIR STAMFORD RAFFLES1832 Emperor of Mexico MAXIMILIAN1854 Party THE REPUBLICAN PARTY1866 Writer BEATRIX POTTER (wrote children stories including "Tales of Peter Rabbitt")1876 Oilman HENRY FORD SINCLAIR1884 Yachtman/inventor HAROLD VANDERBILT He was the renown inventor of contract bridge.1906 Baseball hall of famer LEROY SATCHEL PAIGE The first black pitcher in the American League. ... His rules for staying young included "keep the juices flowing by jangling around gently as y1907 Former party offical ANDREI GROMYKO During one of the numerous power struggles in the late 80's Gromyko was kicked out by the now struggling Mikhail Gorbachev.1908 "Mr French" SEBASTIAN CABOT1921 Actress/former 1st lady NANCY REAGAN1922 Actor WILLIAM SCHALLERT Played Patty's dad on The Patty Duke Show1922 Designer PIERRE CARDIIN1923 Political leader WOJCIECH JERUZELSKIAlso known as Lech Walesa1923 Actess MARIE "THE BODY" MACDONALD1925 TV actor/producer MERV GRIFFIN (from San Mateo, California...had own talk show...had a hit record in the 40's.."I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts"...owns radio station...production company owns "Wheel of Fortune", "Jeopardy" and various other show1927 TV personality DOC SEVERINSEN known by his interesting attire and upstaging his host Johnny Carson1927 Musician BILL HALEY (one of the father's of rock and roll..."Rock Around The Clock" was one of the first rock and roll hits...hit the charts several times)1927 Actress JANET LEIGH Played the famous part in "Psycho", and said it took years for her to get over her fear of taking showers1927 Comedian PAT PAULSEN (made his mark on Smothers Brothers show..famous for running for President...from South Bend, Washington)1928 Gov.

From John Lander-WBMX Boston

JOHN LANDER WBMX-BOSTONby wbmxkellymalone on 05 July 2007, 11:42 AM USA TODAY had a great article on ranking states by their beer consumption.
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