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This Morning for Friday, June 22, 2007 EVEN MORESEX WILL KILL YATwo young adults died early Thursday morning after they apparently fell off a four-story building in Columbia, South Carolina.  ... this morning except for Iowa, western Illinois, southern Minnesota and eastern South Dakota. ... -----Yesterday being the first day of summer, we held our 1st annual (Morning Show) Bikini Blow-out, and bathing suit contest in the park next to our office tower...Both men and women could participate, with a winner from each sex winning $50...Stunt Guy threw himself on the grenade the night before, by going to a local strip bar to recuit women to participate. 

This Morning for Thursday, June 21, 2007

This would be the first for Aguilera and her husband, Jordan Bratman.Today's complete Hollystar at --------------------------------------------------------------------------WEATHERHeavy rain in the Dallas, north Texas area this morning..some rain in central Michigan and south Minnesota..southeast Georgia, northern Floridawill get some rain by midday...By tonight that Texas rain will spread southand north into Oklahoma..the rain in Florida will spread across that state..The Minnesota rain will spread into southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. ... June is the biggest month for weddings.....this morningshow is famous for doing wacky weddings live on the air...and this time acouple will "Take the Plunge" at  ... A few thousand of the bags will go on sale Wednesday morning in New York and Los Angeles, with 20, 000 more set to hit select Whole Foods on the East Coast on July 18.

This Morning for Monday, June 18, 2007

"I just want to say it -- I think Bob Barker is a quitter." (The 83-year-old Barker's final show as host of "The Price Is Right" aired Friday morning) Barker won the award for outstanding game-show host again, his 19th career Daytime Emmy. ... I gave it everything I had." Today's complete Hollystar at --------------------------------------------------------------------------WEATHERAfter wet weekend in Texas..rain mostly moving out...continuing some insouth Texas..nasty thunderstorms this morning in western Minnesota..some rain in central Montana as well...By midday the rain is Minnesota will extend down the center of the U.S. ... Tell us when you did something and asked for forgiveness and the person was willing to do so and things worked out for the best...---------------------------------------------------------------------------ON THE STREETThe Morning Show ScholorshipWe have decided to start a scholarship for local high school seniors whoare going on to college. 

This Morning for Friday, June 15, 2007

---------------------------------------------------------------------------LISTS---------------------------------------------------------------------------MIND BENDERAccording to new research, your students grades may suffer if they do this...Answer:Sleep in on Saturday morningsSaturday morning snoozers were more likely to do poorly in school than teens who kept more regular sleep habits. ... "This resetting can push back the brain's cue to be awake on Monday morning for school.

This Morning for Thursday, June 14, 2007

THIS MORNINGFor Thursday,   ... Well I went to the doctor this morning and told him that I had to getsome of those Viagra pills.

The Morning for Wednesday, June 13, 2007

THIS MORNINGFor Wednesday,   ... Five children aged 3 to 7 died in an early morning fire in a threestory row house.  ... He now has a lifetime supply of Twinkies from Hostess.--------------------------------------------------------------------------PHONERABC's Good Morning America had a great feature on a family that religiously clips out coupons and saves over a thousand dollars a month...The story reported that of the more than $330 billion in discounts offered by companies, only $2.6 billion were redeemed last year. 

This Morning for Tuesday, June 12, 2007

THIS MORNINGFor Tuesday,   ... "God, " she said, "has released me." --------------------------------------------------------------------------WEATHERSouth Carolina opens the day with more rain this morning..rain in the west also...Scattered rain through New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming also..By midday rain will develop all down the eastern coastal states..from Vermont to northern Florida...That rain in the mountain states will move east into Oklahoma, Kansas and North Dakota..some concern about severe weather in Kansas...High in Boston and Seattle will be 68..New York City will stay at 78 and Denver will have  ... (Morning, after dinner...)Whats in Daddys wallet?

This Morning for Monday, June 11, 2007

  ***THE NEW RADIO STAR -THIS MORNING- FOR Monday, June 11, 2007***SIX PEOPLE SHOT TO DEATH IN DELVAN, WISCONSIN..TWO YEAR OLD SURVIVEDResponding to neighbor's reports of gunfire police stormed a rental house in this town of about 8, 000 in southern Wisconsin.  ... if they wanted me to do it for a few more months, I would do it." --------------------------------------------------------------------------WEATHERMostly dry morning in the U.S...the except is Missouri where heavy rain will cover the southern half of the state..trickling into northeastern Oklahoma..some rain in parts of South Carolina as well...that will move north into North Carolina and Virginia as the day progresses..rain developing in central Florida and by tonight it will cover most of the state.By tonight rain will hit New England and that rain in Oklahoma will spreadnorth into Kansas and eastern Texas...and spread into southwest Texas also.Coolest today in the northwest..Seattle will only get up to 59..but the mountain states will be in the 80s..Denver up to 89...90 is the high in Minneapolis..80s across the rest of the upper midwest, but cool in the northeastwhere Boston will have a high of 70...80s in the center of the U.S.


Pamela began her career at KDWB in Minneapolis, where she spent several years before joining Bob in New York in 1982 where they conducted music research and published a weekly newsletter. New Radio Star also owns Radio Superstar, the industry's original on line morning show service.


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