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AdWeek.comDan Mason, President of CBS radio is, first, a content guy, having been a  very successful program director over the years..of course he's a successful  radio station executive and owner as well and, in the position as head of one of the biggest radio owner groups he has to be focus on the bottom line.  Dan has been an advocate for radio joining with the new technology even before he took over at , in his new postition he's putting his ideas to work  Dan McClellan did a great piece on Dan and his plans to join with the net...below are the first couple of here to read the whole story

Two months ago, when wildfires scorched hundreds of square miles in Southern California, forcing the evacuation of a half-million people, listenership spiked on KNX Radio, the CBS-owned outlet in Los Angeles. But the uptick wasn't for the station's on-air signal; listeners had instead tuned into the station on the Internet.

Not surprisingly, audiences in the L.A. market were desperate for information about the disaster, which destroyed more than a thousand homes and killed nine people. The average daily listenership for the newscasts on the KNX audio stream soared tenfold over the weeklong period that the fire dominated the headlines, according to CBS radio division president Dan Mason. By contrast, the station's over-the-air ratings won't come until January.

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