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New York, NY (February 5, 2008) - Emmis Communications today announced the launch of a new New York City radio station, 101.9 WRXP, The New York Rock Experience.  "101.9 RXP" represents a new Adult Rock station in the New York tri-state market which merges New Music, Classic Rock, Alternative & Local Rock into a new adult blend called "The New York Rock Experience."  101.9 RXP will feature a variety of rock from artists like Franz Ferdinand, Bruce Springsteen, Nirvana, Coldplay, U2, Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews, The Police, Beck, Radiohead, The Who, Oasis, Arcade Fire, Social Distortion and REM.a playlist not determined by era, but rather by the acoustic quality of  each song, as determined directly by on-air personalities and staff.

"On-air personalities will play a direct part in choosing the music," announced 101.9 RXP Program Director Blake Lawrence.  "It's unheard of in radio these days, but 101.9 RXP is about the music and not so much the music business -- we're merging rock styles and generations into a singular community that we call The New York Rock Experience."

"Having grown up on the great NY rock radio of the past, I'm absolutely thrilled that Emmis has identified an unserved audience that now has a great new 3 dimensional rock brand!" said Emmis VP of Programming Jimmy Steal.  "This brand builds, and expands upon, NY's great rock radio legacy - RXP is a rock station that truly represents a rock culture, for rock music lovers.....and is not just another rock format."

The first song to air on 101.9 RXP was "Rock and Roll" by legendary New York Icon Lou Reed & the Velvet Underground, followed by the world premiere of REM's "Supernatural Superserious. "  "We're the first station in the world to premier the new REM song 'Supernatural Superserious,' and the only station that truly embodies the New York spirit of Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground classic 'Rock and Roll.'" said Director of Marketing Brian D'Aurelio.  "Both songs are a fitting representation of this unique new adult rock brand."

The station, which is located in the NYC's West Village, will include another feature that is unique to New York radio with the regular inclusion of local rock artists.  Local acts like Hold Steady, White Rabbits, Santogold, The National, and Nada Surf will all be part of the initial playlist, and the type of local talent that the station will support moving forward.  "Some of the world's greatest rock artists got their start playing by the fountain in Washington Square Park just steps away from our studios," said new on-air
personality and Music Director Bryan Schock.  "That communal rock spirit is what we mean by the New York Rock Experience, and it is the spirit with which 101.9 RXP will be playing and launching new local artists."  Effective immediately Bryan Schock will be heard weekdays in the afternoon drive shift. He is the first on-air personality to emerge from the massive search now underway for live and local on-air talent for the station. 

"This is a completely unique & custom radio station with absolutely nothing
off the shelf" Emmis New York Market Manager Dan Halyburton said. "Our
talented team has been working tirelessly to offer a new adult rock radio
brand that is truly unique and deserving of being the caretaker of New York's
rich rock heritage" 

The launch not only marks the beginning of a new home for rock on New York
radio, it also debuts the 101.9 RXP Rock Republic - an online network and
informational hub for rock fans in the tri-state area and beyond based at the

Emmis Communications New York commissioned multiple research projects
from Paragon Media Strategies prior to the launch of WRXP.  Programming
consultants included Mike Henry of Paragon Media Strategies and John
Bradley and Dave Rahn of SBR Creative Media.

101.9 RXP replaces Smooth Jazz CD101.9, which will continue to be available
to fans via 101.9's Smooth Jazz HD2 channel on all HD capable radios within
the listening area.  Information regarding Smooth Jazz CD101.9 HD Channel is
available at

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