Application Offers Revenue Potential by Providing Local Advertisers an Innovative Web Channel to Reach Target Customers

CHANTILLY, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--BIA Information Network (, a leading provider of private-label desktop applications, announced today that Clear Channels Pittsburgh radio stations have begun to rollout its ActiveAccess desktop application for listeners in the tri-state region seeking an interactive experience while listening to the programming of its six top stations. McDonalds of the Tri-State has agreed to be a sole sponsor of both stations applications.

WXDX-FM (105.9) and WKST-FM (96.1) are the first of the stations to offer their listeners the ActiveAccess program. By visiting the station's websites -- for the WXDX Desktop and for WKST's KISS Desktop -- and downloading a small non-intrusive file, Clear Channel Pittsburgh's audience can participate in the daily broadcasts through unique interactive contests, promotions, printable coupons, and music requests.

Clear Channel Pittsburgh has immediately monetized the WXDX ActiveAccess application in the following ways:

  • Sold sponsorship rights to the WXDX application to McDonalds of the Tri-State, providing the McDonalds franchisee operation with an opportunity to use traditional media differently and reach their audience through a unique channel.
  • Sold advertising space on ActiveAccesss exclusive crawl to a local television affiliate seeking to promote its upcoming programming line-up to WXDX application users

In the case of WKST, their Bob Cam continuously streams live video of their popular DJ directly on the desktop of any computer that has downloaded the application. Other station information and sponsor advertising is prominently available for the listener to personalize their experience at any time. WXDX is using their application to connect with their audience off-air and is using the channel to promote the Pittsburgh Penguins, providing podcasts, player and team headlines, videos and a direct link to the Pens page that offers news, information, pictures, site archive and the teams schedule.

We view the ActiveAccess application as the final blow to our competition in the market, said Andy Peacock, Director of Internet Sales, Clear Channel Pittsburgh. By creating a visual component to our audio medium we now have the ability to reach listeners outside the traditional broadcast model. Now our audience can listen, watch, touch, and feel our programming any way theyd like 24x7.

ActiveAccess appealed to Clear Channel Pittsburgh management because of its use of new technology, slick look, easy navigation, ability to keep its listeners engaged, and that it could drive people back to their websites with one click. While WXDX and WKST will use ActiveAccess to keep listeners updated on news, programming, on-air talent, and local events and sponsorships for the community, it will also maintain a brand presence on each computer that downloads the application.

We wanted to identify a compelling way to continuously engage our audience, whether they were tuned into our stations or in front of their home or business computers, said Peacock. The ActiveAccess application helps our efforts to provide our listeners with the information they want but cant always access during their busy day. It also has an immediate appeal to advertisers who can cross-promote themselves on our website and on the application.

ActiveAccess is a powerful promotional tool for radio stations because it can provide an opt-in and sustained connection to promote engaging conversations between the stations, their advertising partners, and their listeners, said Mike Ferrara, vice president for BIA Information Network. As people spend more of their time online, the application makes it easy for a station to deliver tune-in messaging, advertisements, text crawls, coupons and promotions directly to the computer desktop of their listeners.

ActiveAccess utilizes an application-service-provider (ASP) delivery model and is professionally customized to the unique needs of every station, designing an engaging bridge between their content and customer. It easily repurposes the stations existing web content and creates desktop convenience to useful services all sponsored by the stations brand and call letters. Requiring an Internet connection, ActiveAccess only uses nominal computer memory and does not interfere with larger servers or network environments.

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