According to RADAR 96, Radio Reaches More Than 235 Million

Listeners per Week


Major Increase in Overall Number of Radio Listeners from March 2007

RADAR 92 Estimates;

RADAR Network Affiliated Stations Deliver 84 Percent of Elusive Teen Demos


Arbitron today released preliminary findings from RADAR® 96. Below are some of the key demographic findings from the new RADAR results that advertisers look for when placing their ad buys.

Ninety-five percent of adults age 18-49 with a college degree and an annual household income of $50,000 or above, tune into radio over the course of a week. RADAR Network affiliates (which account for over 50 percent of all radio stations) reach 84 percent of this coveted demo. They also reach 84 percent of adults 25-54 in households with a college degree and an annual household income of $75,000 or above.

While the trend in radio shows fewer young listeners, network radio reaches the ad elusive and media multi-taskers, Adults 18-34. While overall, RADAR networks reach 82 percent of all radio listeners ages 12+, these same networks reach 84 percent of listeners ages 18-34.

Radio Has Strength and Stability

         Radio reaches more than 235 million listeners over the course of the week according to the RADAR 96 March 2008 Radio Listening Estimates. This number has increased progressively from estimates one year ago from RADAR 92 estimates. The 7,200+ RADAR Network Affiliated stations reach 82 percent of all people aged 12 and over.

         RADAR Network affiliates have consistent delivery with reaching the key young and adult demographics that advertisers target; they reach 84 percent of adults 18-34 and 84 percent of adults 25-54. They also reach 84 percent of Adults 18-49.

Radio Has Universal Appeal
The diversity of formats in radio attracts advertiser-coveted demographics in both Black Non-Hispanic and Hispanic persons.

         Ninety-four (94) percent of Black Non-Hispanic persons and 95 percent of Hispanic persons, age 12 and older tune into radio over the course of a week.  

         Radio reaches 95 percent of Black Non-Hispanics and 96 percent of Hispanics age 25-54 over the course of a week.

Radio Reaches the Educated and Affluent
Radio reaches 94 percent of college grads age 18+. Ninety-six (96) percent of adults 18-49 with a college degree and an annual income of $75,000 or more tune into radio over the course of a week. 

On Tuesday, March 25, 2008, Arbitron will release the complete RADAR 96 Radio Network Audience Report results. RADAR is the standard currency for national network radio ratings, measuring 57 individual radio networks. These networks are operated by ABC Radio Networks, American Urban Radio Networks, Crystal Media Networks, Dial Global Inc., Jones MediaAmerica Inc., Premiere Radio Networks and Westwood One Radio Networks.

The sample size for RADAR 96 has been increased to more than 225,000 respondents. This begins  a new sample increase initiative; this larger sample ensures more stability for key demographic estimates, dayparts and Market-by-Market Analysis reports, which reports the Top 100 DMAs®.

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