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Torian-Licensed Internet Radio Products

Torian Wireless, an Australian-based global innovator in the Internet radio industry, today announced a partnership with RadioTime, a developer of technology for finding and listening to more than 50,000 radio stations online, that positions RadioTime as Torians radio aggregation supplier. The agreement is a worldwide license and marketing deal, where RadioTime is the official provider behind Torians iRoamer free radio platform offerings.

With the partnership, Torian has licensed RadioTime content as its radio listings aggregator for powering AM/FM radio access through its iRoamer Internet radio platform, offered to original equipment manufacturers (OEM). iRoamer provides a complete solution for manufacturers, who for the first time can offer a packaged Internet media solution into any consumer electronics product. OEMs can benefit from the category-leading software for radio entertainment in their portable product/s, ultimately allowing end-users to take their Internet radio experience away from the desktop through iRoamer-powered products. With the RadioTime partnership, end-users can now access over 100,000 local and syndicated AM/FM radio programs airing worldwide, as well as the worlds largest and most diverse selection of premium online music services, and then customize how they access that content.

Not only will end-users benefit from the vast selection of stations and streams they will now be able to access, but OEMs will benefit as well, said George Parthimos, founder and CEO, Torian Wireless. With the addition of RadioTime content to our universal iRoamer Internet radio platform, manufacturers can offer the worlds largest and most diverse selection of Internet radio content with their consumer electronics products, as well as enormous advertising opportunities at the same time.

RadioTimes unique online RadioGuide provides listeners with the ability to search for a specific station or program or browse by genre or location to easily see what is available for their tastes, locations, connections, and the times of day. RadioTime updates its guide with input from its user community and by leveraging its relationships with Clear Channel, Cox Radio and other broadcasters.

Torian Wireless brings a long-established record of innovation, Wi-Fi expertise, integrated content services, hardware components and turn-key solutions, said Bill Moore, CEO, RadioTime. RadioTimes contributions to this partnership are the most complete and accurate radio directory, millions of listeners and relationships with broadcasters such as Cox Radio and Clear Channel. I see this as a very promising relationship with significant opportunities as Internet radio continues to move forward and gain momentum.


iRoamer is available now for all OEMs and ODMs. The first commercial batch of iRoamer-powered products is due to begin shipping over the next two quarters. RadioTime content is now available at, Torians digital media portal. For additional information, call 510-770-1002 or visit

About Torian Wireless

Torian Wireless is an Australian-based technology development company, specializing in cutting edge Internet products and services, developing portable and enhanced fixed Radio Internet capabilities and solutions. Torian Wireless is the owner and developer of iRoamer technology, the industry standard for portable Internet media connectivity. iRoamer is a truly interactive, dynamic, global system which has been designed with the users experience as primary focus. Until now, the worlds supply of IP radio has been limited to individual aggregators at best, scattered across different Web sites, all with their own look and feel. With iRoamer, not only are all these sources combined, users are able to access them all via portable devices as simply as they do now with Mp3s all at no ongoing cost. For more information, visit

About RadioTime

RadioTime is the leading radio tuner that powers Internet services and devices by connecting them to radio broadcast DJs, talk personalities, and sports programming. Listeners easily access free, live, local, and global radio programming through RadioTime service. Its service enhances other products and services by powering them with radio programming. RadioTime, founded in 2002, is based in Dallas. More information is available at

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