John Ham of explains the background and details of Ustream.TV in an extensive audio interview with Bob Hamilton of New Radio Star. It works best on a PC with Internet Explorer...Click here to listen to it now on Radio Star Radio.

(Carmel, CA, July 11, 2008 9:32am) If you go back to the Latin derivative of the word "radio" it breaks down to "ra" for Energy and "dio" for God.  Radio is then, simply "God's energy."  No where in there does it mention the words "audio only." So, does that mean radio can be anything?   In an extensive New Radio Star survey of radio people earlier this year, television was rated by far as the biggest threat to radio..not the internet, not mp3 players, not satellite radio...but television.  Obviously, radio sales people are tired of hearing "well, we went with TV because we wanted people to see the new car." 

Radio just had to put up with losing to TV's abilitiy to "show the product" in the old days..but, now, with the great new tools the internet is giving us all, radio can battle on a more level playing field.  Only in the last year or so a new technology has emerged that will let anyone broadcast their own live TV show with high quality, full motion video on the internet.  And, at least at this point, it's free.  Ustream.TV will let you set up a TV webcast in two minutes.  All you need to broadcast is a camera (vid cam or web cam), internet connection and your creativity and you're on.  Even better, while you are webcasting you can click a button and have it record on UStream.TV servers for on demand play later.  And, while you get your own personal page on UStream.TV, they even provide you with the embed code so the live webcast or even the on demand clip can play on your website.  There is no limit to the length of the can be 5 minutes or 24 hours.  And, it's coming from the UStream.TV servers, and they obviously are experts on maximizing bandwidth because it's fast enough that viewers can watch the broadcast full screen.  Radio stations can sell advertising on the pre roll or post roll...and even lets you add your own overlays on line, so you can have an ad rolling in the lower third.  It also has a chat feature so while you are broadcasting, listeners can be giving you instant feedback.  Another amazing feature is the ability to add a "co-host" so you can have several cameras and TV shows going at the same time, switching to various locations as you broadcast.  You can be your own Shepherd Smith, switching to Jim Engel at the White House.

We were lucky enough to get the whole story in an extensive interview with UStream co-founder, John Ham in an audio interview yesterday.  To listen to it go to Radio Star Radio and just let it play. 

And, to get broadcasting your own TV show just go to and set it up now!

If you have any trouble hearing the interview on Radio Star Radio we just sent the interview over to our Ustream page....not much to see as we just pointed the webcam over to our own computer screeen, but the audio is perfect...

Webcast powered by Ustream.TV
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