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- Introducing 96 Dash 2 Pirate Radio… POWER 96 WPOW-FM’s new HD2 format captures the essence of pirate radio while abiding by the rules -

MIAMI, Florida, July 14, 2008 – Beasley’s Miami cluster is pleased to announce that through the technology of HD Radio™, Power 96 WPOW-FM is now multicasting unique programming on its sister station, 96 Dash 2 Pirate Radio.  The HD2 broadcast is available for free in crystal clear, CD-quality sound for those with access to an HD Radio receiver.

Pirate Radio refers to those pesky unlicensed radio stations, not uncommon in Miami, that pop up …illegally…overnight…and interfere with legitimate broadcast signals. Taking irony to a new level, Miami’s Rhythmic CHR Power 96 has introduced 96 DASH 2 Pirate Radio an HD2 channel airing the hottest reggae, calypso, dance-hall, soca and roots – island sounds, with sassy delivery and imaging that capture the essence of pirate radio, while abiding by the rules.  96 DASH 2 Pirate Radio is completely licensed and legal, with an xtremely appealing air of disrespect and irreverence. 

Thomas Manning, WPOW General Manager, commented, “With the ethnic diversity in South Florida, 96 Dash 2 Pirate Radio provides a genre of entertainment that really caters to a core segment of the population.  And as listeners in general are increasingly more vocal about music choices, this should definitely fill a void in the South Florida community.”

“With South Florida being the pirate radio capital of the world, this was a natural for us!” added Tom Calococci, Program Director for Power 96.  “It’s also a great way to get people excited about HD radio and the free choices that are available – and now that includes 96 Dash 2 Pirate Radio.”

About Beasley Broadcast Miami

In the Miami market, Beasley’s three radio stations include Power 96 WPOW-FM, 99.9 KISS Country WKIS-FM, and Sports Radio 560 WQAM-AM, all of which broadcast with HD Radio™  technology available to those with access to an HD Radio receiver. Power 96 WPOW-FM and 99.9 KISS Country WKIS-FM multicast sister stations, 96 Dash 2 Pirate Radio and Outlaw Country formatted Gretchen 99.9 respectively, that can be accessed by tuning an HD Radio receiver to HD2 at their respective dial positions. For more information, please visit

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