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All-New HD Radio Offerings will launch in August 2008

Coby(R) Electronics is introducing an all-new range of receivers that will help put the power of HD Radio(TM) broadcasting into the hands of consumers nationwide. The innovative, value-priced products will give users effortless access to hundreds of new HD2 and HD3 channels and 1,700 crystal-clear AM and FM HD Radio stations -- all subscription free -- at home, in the office, backyard or anywhere they want to be. Coby's new line-up, including the HDR- 700 Portable HD Radio System and HDR-650 Component HD Radio Receiver, makes its retail debut in August 2008.

"Our new receivers are the perfect way for consumers to get in on the HD Radio experience," said Mark Farish, Head of Marketing for Coby Electronics. "We're excited to be among the very first manufacturers to enter into this fast-growing CE category and to introduce our signature feature-loaded products designed to help consumers capture the remarkable sound quality and rich reception of HD Radio technology at the most affordable possible price points."

Coby's new HDR-700 Portable HD Radio System is the first-ever cordless HD Radio receiver. Offering up huge sound from its compact design, this take-it- on-the-go system allows users to tune in to static-free digital broadcasts whenever and wherever they wish. With splash-proof housing and an integrated rechargeable battery, the HDR-700 can serve as the sole entertainment system -- indoors and out! The small-scale unit also features an SD card slot for digital MP3 playback. SRP $149.

And the company's HDR-650 Component HD Radio Receiver, the most affordable HD Radio receiver on the market, is a sleek capsule-like unit with a brushed- aluminum casing designed to complement existing stereo and audio systems. The HDR-650 features a high-contrast digital LCD screen that displays station, artist and song title information. With a built-in alarm and sleep timer function, the HDR-650 is a diminutive receiver that offers high functionality at a low price. SRP $99.

Coby remains "in tune" with today's most popular CE categories, developing fresh products that meet the demands and enhance the lifestyles of a wide range of consumers. In addition to its debut HD Radio receivers, the company's latest assortment includes cutting-edge MP3 and MP4 players, stylish Digital Photo Frames that feature MP3 players, Digital Photo Keychains and wallet-sized Digital Photo Albums, portable compact DVD players and a wide range of accessories, including brand-new, Apple-licensed iPod docking stations.

About HD Radio Technology

HD Radio(TM) technology, digital AM and FM broadcasting, is transforming the radio experience in ways never thought possible. Developed by iBiquity Digital Corporation and supported by the leaders of the broadcasting, consumer electronics, retail and automotive industries, the technology is available to most Americans and is picking up momentum around the world. HD Radio broadcasters offer a variety of innovative new programming through multicast (HD2/3) channels; static-free, crystal-clear reception on both AM and FM; and data services, such as text information, i.e. artist names and song titles. More than 1,700 HD Radio stations are currently on the air plus over 800 new FM multicast channels -- all subscription free. For a full list of HD Radio stations and multicast channels in your community, visit

About Coby Electronics Corporation

Headquartered in Lake Success, New York, Coby is a manufacturer of quality consumer electronics products. Since its inception in 1990, Coby has risen through the ranks of the consumer electronics industry. Today, the company is redefining the way consumer electronics products are created, enhancing its ability to lead the industry through a challenging economy. With the understanding of its customers' needs and desires, Coby has developed a strategy of maintaining the lowest cost structure in the industry without compromising the quality of its products. Within the past decade, Coby's team of inventors, engineers and designers have earned a number of U.S. patents and design awards, with several additional patents pending. For more information, visit

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