Swedesboro, NJ – July 29, 2008 In Car Experts Inc. (ICE), a group of the nation’s leading mobile electronics retailers, has created a Strategic Marketing Alliance with iBiquity Digital Corporation, the developer and licenser of HD Radio technology, the only digital system approved by the Federal Communications Commission for digital AM and FM broadcasting in the United States.  Continuing its goal of providing valuable retailer services and products, In Car Experts has partnered with iBiquity to offer its members innovative products and services for the mobile environment.


iBiquity and ICE plan to focus on the consumer experience and ensuring that the In Car Experts member sales associates have a very clear understanding of HD Radio technology.


ICE Director of Vendor Relations, David Schwartz, remarks, "ICE believes that HD Radio technology as a feature has tremendous headroom with the consumer."  Schwartz continues, "ICE members provide expertise on the sales floor which generally is not available at big box stores.  Specialists are used to launching new technologies.  Additionally, many industry suppliers are working closely with iBiquity, which is a big positive for ICE members."


Bernie Sapienza, iBiquity Vice President of Retail Business Development, comments, "In Car Experts has assembled and represent some of the finest mobile electronics retailers in America.  We believe, with mobile electronics specialist presenting the HD Radio feature, consumers will realize the benefit of having HD Radio technology.  In Car Experts members will have special web training and technical assistance from iBiquity at their disposal to allow the consumer to experience HD Radio broadcasting in their stores."


About In Car Experts Inc.

In Car Experts is a group of the nation's best mobile electronic retailers supported by vendor partners who are committed to the success of the independent specialist. Working as a $250+ million collective, with 200+ member storefronts in 43 states, ICE is able to provide members with proven business tools, group marketing, idea sharing and enhanced vendor programs that are only available when functioning as part of a larger group.

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