Evacuee Children Also Housed at the Facility

            September 18, 2008. Austin, Texas .— While 3,000 attendees are attending the National Association of Broadcasters’ annual NAB Radio Show at the Austin Convention Center, the City of Austin has also set up one of four area shelters for about 1,200 Hurricane Ike evacuees at the facility. The National Association of Broadcasters helped with the City’s hurricane relief efforts by donating several hundred toys and games to the evacuee children currently housed at the convention center. 

            About 3,000 radio professionals from across the country are meeting for the National Association of Broadcasters Radio Show on the north side of the facility. Their event is located in Exhibit Hall 5, Ballrooms DEFG, and Meeting Rooms 11-19.  They began moving in on Sunday, Sept. 14, with show dates occurring Sept. 17-19.  In the center of the building, about 1,200 hurricane evacuees from the Houston/Galveston area are being sheltered as part of the relief effort by the City of Austin and the American Red Cross of Central Texas. The shelter at the Austin Convention Center was set up and in full operation in Exhibit Halls 2, 3 and 4 by Monday, Sept. 15.

            NAB representatives and Convention Center staff helped distribute the toys to the children in the play area in Exhibit Hall 2.  Every child at the shelter received at least one toy.  The assortment included puzzles, games, books, Lincoln logs, Legos, cars, trucks, dolls, balls, coloring books, Play-Doh, and cards.  

            “Things are going exceptionally well,” says Mark Tester, director of the Austin Convention Center Department.  “Every effort is being made to make the evacuees as comfortable as possible while they’re here in the Austin Convention Center.  We have been able to keep the groups cordoned off from one another, giving the evacuees as much privacy as possible.  At the same time, the show organizers for NAB have responded to the plight of the residents from the Houston-Galveston area.”

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