The new survey of radio stations shows that November was the worst month, revenue wise in the 20 year history that the RAB has been tracking the numbers.  The overall economy has affected almost every business, but certainly advertisers like car dealers, financial institutions and those companies that are reliant on the financing and line of credit those institutions usually provide.  Here are the Radio Advertising Bureau's numbers released this morning...


November 2008 vs. November 2007

Local Revenue
All Markets -21%

National Revenue
All Markets -24%

Local & Nat'l Revenue
All Markets -22%

Off Air Revenue
All Markets 1%

Grand Total Revenue
All Markets -20%

Local and national revenues are based on approximately 100 markets as reported by the accounting firm of Miller Kaplan Arase & Co. Off-Air data has been collected and verified since January of 2002, and reported since September of 2004.

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