Most listened to person in the history of radio
leaves this earth at the age of 90

He began every broadcast with an upbeat "Hello Americans" and he ended each one with a cheery "Good Day!" For 57 years he broadcast The Paul Harvey show on radio from Chicago.  He began there on WENR-AM and in 1951, ABC
began to broadcast him nationally.  He ultimately moved to WGN.  He was heard on more than a thousand radio stations nationwide and over 400
stations on Armed Forces radio.  

Surrounded by family, Paul Harvey died at a hospital in Phoenix on Saturday
night. He was active up until his last days. In 1982, he had signed another
10 year contract with ABC.  His son, Paul Harvey Jr. began writing the show
in 1976. His wife, and long time producer, Lynne had passed away less than a
year ago.  (In depth Chicago Tribune story here...)

"I never think that I'm talking to millions of people. As far as I'm
concerned, I'm talking to my wife's sister in St. Louis because I feel her
concerns are the concerns of so many Americans."

--Paul Harvey


"There has been many calculations on my part as to how
I say this or that.  I hope I write like I talk.
But, the only thing I've ever been was Paul Harvey."


"I have never pretended to objectivity," Harvey told the American Journalism
Review in 1998. "I have a strong point of view, and I share it with my
listeners. I have no illusions of changing the world, but to the extent I
can, I'd like to...


"As long as you're trying to be somebody else, the best you can ever hope for
is to be second best."


"It is all about discipline,...I could go to work in my pajamas, but long ago
I got some advice from the man who was the engineer for my friend Billy
Graham's radio show. He said that one has to prepare in all ways for the
show. If you don't do that in every area, you'll lose your edge."

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