A BIA report this morning lists the top billing radio stations across the country and, for once there are some plus figures for radio.  KIIS-FM, with morning show Ryan Seacrest increased its 2008 numbers, going from $65.9 million in 2007 to $66.3 million in 2008. Nine of the top ten are in Los Angeles or New York. The exception is all news WTOP in Washington, DC which had the best increase, moving up from number 10 to number six with only a slight increase...$51.75 millon in 2008 from $51.475 million in 2007.

Here are the top 10 billing stations.

KIIS/Los Angeles        $66.3 million     Clear Channel

KROQ/Los Angeles    $56.1 million     CBS

KFI/Los Angeles         $54.4 million     Clear Channel

WLTW/New York      $52.6 million     Clear Channel

WINS/New York        $51.8 million     CBS

WTOP/Washington      $51.75 million   Bonneville

WHTZ/New York       $49.6 million     Clear Channel

WCBS/New York       $46.7 million     CBS

KPWR/Los Angeles     $46.3 million     Emmis

KOST/Los Angeles      $45.7 million     Clear Channel

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