Listen to the candid interview with Dennis Wharton here on Radio Star Radio

The NAB "Convention" as we have always called it...correctly it's the NAB "Show" begins next is THE event of the year for the communications industry..that's even more true this year as the NAB points its spotlight to the Video Game industry. In the past 20 years, the NAB can pride itself by staying on the forward edge of the industry..they were displaying "multi-media world" before most people even knew what that meant...the internet has been front and center along with the latest video/TV/radio technology and ideas from the most creative  people they can find in the business.  Yes, the attendance at the show will be down...maybe as much as 20% from last year.  But, the convention has dealt with down economies before as well as the attacks of 2001 and the fear of more attacks.  Whatever was going on they've gone full on to put on the best show they could.  This year is no exception.  They're unveiling a new emphasis on the video game business, with companies like EA participating. 

We are fortunate enough to have a detailed conversation with Sr. VP for Communications Dennis Wharton to tell you all about this year's event and the issues facing broadcasters and the NAB.  This candid coversation is available in three parts on today's Radio Star Radio...listen to it's good, it's's worth your time...   (Works Best with Internet Explorer)

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