After 22 years, New Radio Star's "Radio Superstar" morning show service is now offering barter for the first time.  It's possible because of our partnership with Nashville based Impact Radio Networks.  Shows will still be able to pay cash for the service if they prefer, but now they also have a choice of exchanging spots for Radio Superstar. 

Radio Superstar is the industry's original on line service for radio personalities.  New Radio Star (this service here) went on line February 2nd, 1983 after a year of development.  Radio Superstar began in October of 1987.  In June of 2007 Radio Superstar moved to this Blogtronix, social network and began developing the industry's first "live" service for radio personalities. 

Over the years, there have been offers from companies to take Radio Superstar barter, but the match didn't quite work.  When we were introduced to Steven Ludwig and his Impact Radio Networks we realized we were working with radio people who share the same passion as we have for this industry.  We are very pleased to join with them for Radio Superstar Live, and are also excited about other steps in this relationship that will be announced shortly.

To know more about Radio Superstar Live please click here and take a look at our five minute video.  To get a complete live run through call 831-626-1571 or email
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