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A new Nielsen study conducted by the Council for Research Excellence found that 77% of adults are reached by radio on a daily basis, second only to television, which reaches 95%.  Internet came in with 64%, newspaper 35% and magazines 27%. The research was conducted in only five cities, by observing the activities of 300 people. But, Nielsen backed up the study by saying the results were consistent with the findings in their 51 radio research markets.

In the study "How U.S. Adults Use Radio and Other Forms of Audio" Nielsen reported that 90% of Americans listen to some form of audio media per day. That broke down to 77% for broadcast radio, 37% for CDs and tapes, and 12% for portable audio players.

“There are a lot of critics out there who want to write off broadcast radio, but this analysis of real-time media consumption shows that it continues to play a very strong role,” said Dr. Michael Link, VP of Methodological Research at The Nielsen Company.

The study was conducted by observing the media usage among participants in five DMAs (Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Seattle) in the spring and fall of 2008.

Of particular interest is that radio dominated at home, work and in the car

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