In the results of a study conducted during December 2009 and January 2010, Bridge Ratings takes a closer look at the difference between streaming listeners of AM/FM simulcast and those of Internet-only channels.

There is a distinct behavioral difference between these two groups of streaming listeners.

Among the findings of this new Bridge Ratings report:

·         60 million Americans listen to some form of Internet radio in a typical week.

·         84% of them regularly listen for at least five minutes to an AM/FM simulcast stream.

·         64% of the 60 million regularly listen for at least five minutes to an Internet-only (i.e. Pandora, Accuradio) channel.

·         Bridge Ratings sees slow attrition in the total number of AM/FM simulcast streamies over the next four years and increasing numbers who listen to an Internet-only radio station.

"Much of the growth projection rests with natural demographic and psychographic shifts coming over the next four years," clarifies Bridge Ratings President Dave Van Dyke. "With music discovery being a prime driver for many internet-only streamies, behavior by the demographic most intrigued by this characteristic will see increasing listenership for this type of programming while older streamies will listen less due to lifestyle and music preference changes in their lives."

There's more to discover in this new study, including differences in streaming mobile use and "music discovery value".

Read more about this fascinating analysis of the two primary cohorts of Streamies by clicking here.

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