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Broadcast radio continues to survive and, no doubt will continue to change and survive for many years to come.  But, a "new radio" is being born, and that "new radio" is delivered via the Internet and IP.  Just like television was an entirely new medium, and not "radio with pictures" as many called it at first, "New Radio" is also an entirely new medium and not simply "broadcast radio on the internet."  To provide all the tools and the foundation for today's creative people to do their own version of "new radio," New Radio Star, MDSone and Blogtronix have joined together to form "NEWRADIO." At a price that anyone can afford, the New Radio Studio allows for the highest quality audio and video on top of the world's most powerful social networking platform.  The NEWRADIO system is easy to use and yet provides all the capabilities of much more expensive systems.  For more information go to  In the meantime, for further explanation, here are the...

Top 10 things New Radio has to be

1.  It has to be interactive..
you got a transmitter?  So does everyone of your listeners... If they want it to just "stream" fine..but if they want to pick and choose, they have to have the capabilities to do that also..("If I don't like what I'm hearing I can "move on." I don't want to change the station, I just want to hear the next thing, or something else.")
It's not an AM radio in a 56's the Internet for heaven's sake!

2.  It has to be audio AND video.  
You an "audio only" guy?..get over it..they're going to watching something while they're listening to you (unless it's so "dreamy" you made them shut their eyes), it might as well be 
something you produced...New Radio is audio AND video.

3.  It has to be available everywhere all the time.
..desktops, laptops, netbooks, smart phones, mp3 players as a podcast, ...driving down the the the bathroom.. however, wherever the listener wants to experience it

4.  Ultra Targeted 
It has to be as much about the listener as possible..not about the "format"...("narrow cast me baby")

5.  It needs to be on a social network platform...
so listeners can be part of your station...they become your New Radio staff, giving feedback, contributing video, audio, pictures, etc that you can incorporate into your station. New Radio includes your listeners! And, as a bonus, social networking spreads the New Radio message and content to many different areas of the Web. It is today's ultimate marketing tool!

6.  Commercials have to also be targeted
Commercials are great..just make sure they're about something the listeners are interested       in...("I don't drink beer, no matter how much you try to convince me..don't give me beer commercials") and don't expect me to sit through more than one or two at a time...

7.  No buffering! 
("I had to click twice to turn on your station..I want it to start NOW!.. ...not 10 seconds after I watch some icon spin on the screen...NOW!")

8.  Quality!  
("I have four big speakers, a woofer and an expensive video monitor...don't give me a tin can and a night shot...I KNOW crappy quality when I see it or hear it.")

9. more Elton John records!  
("I've got Pandora,, Slacker and Rhapsody.  I can hear any piece of music ever recorded any time, anywhere in a matter of seconds. Don't give me your "70's format"..I've got a 70's format that fits me better in my pocket. Give me something I haven't heard before... something I can't get somewhere else.")

10. Content..You better be good...
("I've got satellite everything with a DVR, stacks of DVDs, an mp3 player, Youtube on my laptop, desktop and smart phone..literally thousands of channels of entertainment.  You're in the big time now and you better be able to hit a major league entertainment curve ball. Just 
because you are webcasting from the net doesn't mean you can get away with not being the best.")

Contact Bob Hamilton at New Radio
626-81RADIO or 831-626-1571

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