Seventy-one Salem Stations Will “Go Mobile” this Spring

AirKast has announced they have created an app to deliver 71 Salem Communications stations to the iPhone and Blackberry devices. The press release says the apps will be available this month. There is no word on whether they will be creating Salem apps for other devices such as Windows or Android... Here are comments from this morning's press release.

“AirKast gives Salem these core necessities while delivering multimedia-rich and feature-robust applications for its listeners.”

“We are thrilled with the mobile apps that the AirKast team has produced for Salem. Both the iPhone and BlackBerry apps have been everything we could ask for — and AirKast delivered them incredibly quickly,” said Tom Perrault, senior vice president and general manager of Salem Web Nework. “Our entire company is eager to see the continued growth of our radio stations via mobile apps in the coming years.”

The Salem mobile applications allow listeners to tune into their favorite stations including KKLA, WAVA, WIND, and 54 other stations from the convenience of their mobile phones. Developed and delivered using both AirKast AirBridge and TuneKast, the Salem mobile applications let listeners hear live broadcasts on the go as well as view song lyrics, see artist and album information, read reviews, watch videos, listen to station podcasts, hear samples of recently played songs and even buy music through iTunes. There is no registration required and each application is free to download.

“Salem immediately understood the importance of branding and changing content in real-time for its mobile applications,” said Simon Moy, president and COO for AirKast. “AirKast gives Salem these core necessities while delivering multimedia-rich and feature-robust applications for its listeners.”

By using AirKast to create and deliver its mobile applications, each Salem radio station is able to maintain its own content and branding as well as control station event and sponsor information. AirKast allows radio stations to focus on their content instead of infrastructure issues.

AirBridge, the industry’s award-winning hosted digital media delivery platform, is used to build enterprise-class mobile applications that are reliable, secure and scalable so companies can target large audiences that require simultaneous access. AirBridge currently supports market-leading mobile devices, including iPhone, BlackBerry (all models including Storm) and Android. Designed for terrestrial and Internet-based radio stations to increase AQH, TuneKast is a mobile application framework that features real-time digital media and online content within branded mobile applications. Used by 850+ popular terrestrial and Internet-based radio stations, TuneKast, together with AirBridge, helps radio stations increase their digital content distribution to attract sponsors and advertisers.

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