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The last issue of the "Hamilton Report" newsletter was printed out on February 1st, 1983 and all the information was put on a mainframe computer in Newport Beach, California, creating the very first on line service for the radio/music industry, becoming live on February 2nd, 1983.  It has operated every day since as Radio Star.  The New Radio Star became the new version of The Star as the Internet was born and the information was moved to the Net as well.  Some three years ago New Radio Star moved to this Blogtronix social network platform to become the first on line service for radio/music on a social network.  With Radio Superstar, born in 1987, we became the first on line service for morning radio..Soundstar became the first on line service for audio sharing as became a part of the development of the mp3 audio format.  All of the services continue to operate today.
  1. Radio Syndication Talk Congrats to a visionary and a great radio warrior...thanks for fighting for the medium Bob!
    on 02/09/2011
  2. joshuaeai asdad It'll be an interesting struggle between a <a href="">Gadget Reviews</a> Goliath and David...but that's what we need, small companies who'll keep the big guys responsive to our needs.
    on 03/07/2011
  3. mohsin shahid Bob Hamilton's Experience
    New Radio Star

    Currently holds this position
    on 11/14/2011
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