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 This is so damn cool!  Best radio idea I've seen in a long time

St. Louis - KSHE 95, "Real Rock Radio" was one of the very first radio stations toplay rock music on the FM band. Almost 50 years after its November 1967 birth,KSHE is the longest-running rock station in the world. In celebration, “The KSHE 50thAnniversary Real Rock Museum” will be launched on January 9th at There are eight wings in the museum.
The KSHE 95 Audio Wing is filled with KSHE audio history including air-checks ofair personalities from throughout the decades, fascinating interviews and listener favorite audio clips.
Each gallery in The KSHE 95 Photo Wing has a theme such as Air Personalities,Rock Stars and St. Louis Concerts.
The KSHE 95 Hall of Fame is made up of videos that each focus in on an artist or bandthat has had a very special long-standing relationship with the station. In each video,these rock stars share KSHE and St. Louis memories like… “The very first radio interview I ever did was at KSHE. In ’74 when we came here they were already playing our music. St. Louis will always be a special place for us,” states Geddy Lee, lead vocalist, bassist and keyboardist of Rush.
The KSHE 95 Video Wing is an amazing collection of videos ranging from moments with rock stars caught backstage at concerts to KSHE events through the years andold KSHE TV commercials.
In the KSHE 95 Essentials Wing, you’ll find what have been selected as albums and songs that rise to the top of all the great rock that has been played on the station since the beginning.
The KSHE 95 John “U-Man” Ulett Wing is a toast to this 40+ year KSHE air talent.
The KSHE 95 You-seum Wing is dedicated to KSHE listeners.  Listener submitted photos include themes such as Generations of Rock, World Famous KSHE and Show UsYour Schtuff.
The KSHE 95 Collections Wing is a wide array of Real Rock Radio history including:magazine and newspaper articles highlighting KSHE, early KSHE playlists, and unmistakable KSHE humor on display in Sweetmeat’s Gallery.
KSHE Program Director, Rick Balis said, “So many talented people have contributed,throughout our 50 years, to make KSHE 95 what it is today. It’s actually, amazing.More amazing, though, is the incredible listeners that we have had and have today. It’s rare. And, we cherish those relationships. The relationships are ‘generational’.Grandparents, their kids and the kids of those kids are listeners today.” He added, ‘The KSHE 50th Anniversary Real Rock Museum’ is a tribute to both the contributors and the listeners.”
Special recognition goes to our “Web Daddy”, Tony Jordan ad our Director of Video, JimModglin.
They have done a masterful job on The KSHE 50th Anniversary Real Rock Museum. Fora sneak peek go to
For media inquiries contact KSHE Program Director Rick Balis at 314-613-7706 or
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