As 2019 begins I have decided to clean house and streamline our various long term projects here at The Star. is a great domain name which I have had for many years, but, it's time to let it go to someone who can get greater value for the name. is valued as high as $23,500 by one on line appraiser, while the lowest I could find was in the mid single thousands.  I am pricing at $7500.  I am going to be posting these domain names for sale on one of the major world wide domain name broker sites, but, I have so many friends here in radio and entertainment I thought you should have first crack at it.  

Also, my years of full time RVing along the California Coast have come to an end, so I am ending RV Dream and RV Dream Radio. is up for sale at $3500 and at $1,000.

I do hope there is someone here who will be happy to know that is available.  I have long loved the concept and can't wait to see what someone else might be able to do with it. 

This is my 59th year in the industry and for this chapter of my life I am passionate about video production and editing, as well as fascinated and involved in social network marketing.

If you're interested in any of the domains you can contact me at or call at 6268172346
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