Picture of Rachel Wammack at pianoMy adventurous daughter, Honey, now a PR executive in Dallas, and her husband Michael recently decided to take a vacation trip to Nashville.  I spent my years there working with the likes of Waylon Jennings, George Jones, George Strait, Oakridge Boys, Crystal Gayle and many others, and shared the stories with Honey.

Among other attractions Honey and Michael wanted to attend the "Grand Ole Opry," on a  Saturday night.  She texted Pamela and me to let us know they were there and sent the link so we could hear the webcast at the same time. So, we tuned in from Monterey, CA.  

Every performer was great, but, there was one young lady who stood out.  Her name is
Rachel and she went on stage and started with a story.  She had run on to an old boyfriend who had returned back home for the weekend and she said the flame was still lit and they had a great conversation.  He told her that he would call her the next day and set a date and time to get together.  This had apparently been in a very serious relationship and she began to imagine all kinds of possibilities...did he want to get back together?  Would he move back home?  Would he ask her to move elsewhere?  Well, the next day came and no call and the weekend ended and she never heard from him again.

Rachel said she went into the office on Monday and contacted her songwriting partners and they wrote a song about it...called "Something People Say."

Now, telling you this story here doesn't begin to do justice to Rachel.  Listening to her on
the Grand Ole Opry webcast, she was so heart to heart, so genuine, in the story she told, that I felt like she was a friend of mine by the time she got through.  She then sang the song and it blew me away.  Honey felt the same.

The next day I began to look for the song on line but, couldn't find it anywhere.  But, I did hear
some Rachel Wammack songs on Youtube and other places and she is a great artist with some wonderful recordings.  Finally, this past Friday I got an alert that "Something People Say" had been posted to Youtube. I have listened to it multiple times since and it's a wonderful song and performance.

Now, the point of writing this, is two fold.  One, I want you to hear the song and I want people to
know about Rachel.  No one has hired me to do this but I just think she deserves to be noticed.  But, secondly, I want to point out the power of "identification," a marketing tool I used through many years of working with artists.  In all of our productions I did interviews to find the real person off the stage and share that with the audience. And, it met with great response and resulted in successful projects.  I don't know if I would have been as impacted by Something People Say as I was without the story.  I believe artists and record companies should get past the Hollywood glitch and adjectives and just let the audience know who that person is....as a person.  I believe that is among the most effective marketing tools you can use.

There is an old adage, "Familiarity breeds contempt," but, I don't believe that's true..perhaps, "Over-familiarity breeds contempt," but, "Familiarity results in friendship and support."  At least because Rachel shared that story at the Opry I was motivated to find her song and write this article for you.

I never met Rachel, but, I kind of feel like I did.....and I hope she is a giant success!

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