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Image result for peter fondaSad to see the death of Peter Fonda...we were friends in the early 70's and a nicer, more caring person you will never meet. I asked him to be one of our "experts" at the Radio Report Clinic meeting at Whistler in 1972 and he invited me to come over to his office the next day for breakfast to talk about it. Breakfast was Jack Daniel's and a joint. He told me a lot of stories including one of smoking a joint with an FCC Commissioner backstage at the Johnny Carson show. Peter was friends also with Graham Nash who had been one of our experts at the Philadelphia meeting. He finally couldn't get his schedule right to come to Whistler but, he and Graham got together and made a 30 minute tape specifically for the meeting which we played up at the Round House. I was such a fan of Easy Rider that I also owned a chopper (Triumph) motorcycle....What a trip it was to sit with Peter some years after the movie and have him be so nice and so supportive of radio and what we were doing. Later in his life he made some political statements that I disagreed with and just a couple of years ago I watched Easy Rider again and it was such a silly movie. But, I am so thankful to be part of this business that for one thing allowed me to have a "brush with greatness" with people like Peter. He was a loving caring gentleman with a huge heart...wherever you are sir...thank you for your kindness.

Bob Hamilton
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