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Vintage 1992 Roadtrek 21 foot Independent

Over 550,000 miles, only 200,000 on newest factory built, $10,000 engine and transmission. (each) Drives great. Needs some upgrades to be fully functional, such as house battery, odometer, some rust and chronic check engine light which has been on for years as we've driven it.
Fully self-contained with bed that makes into large table in back, kitchen
with microwave, refrigerator, 2 burner propane stove, bathroom, shower, air conditioner, 
heater, and more.
Selling as is.
Asking $3,500
Text or call 831-236-7992 or

I am in Monterey, CA

Selling my baby, hopefully to someone who’ll love it as much as I have for over 20 years.  We went across the country several times together as far as Springfileld, Massachutts from Monterey.  It still runs great but has a few problems.  First is that the “Check Engine” light stays lit.  We tried everfything to fix it, but Sam at 76 in Carmel finally concluded that it was simply a short in a wire 

Some place.  It also needs a new RV house battery, has a leak in the dump hose caused by a railroad tie at an RV park, but, that fairly inexpensive to repair. We were careful with propane and it had no leaks last time we checked.  3 way frig is old but still worked last time we plugged in.  The microwave also works.  There is also some need for repair on some of the cupboards and doors,

But, that is also very minor and easier repaired.  No leaks except for some calking needed on the side door window and seal.  That’s common on Roadtreks. The body is good, with a little rust here and there, but, nothing major.  Comes with an installed hitch (we towed a trailer with 

No problem) and a Continental kit.

It has a lot of miles on it, but, when I bought it 20 years ago, the previous owner showed me documentation of an installed $10,000 engine and $10,000 transmission.  He had put about 100,000 miles on the new stuff and I’ve put another 100,000 mies myself.

I also replaced the rear end, radiator, starter and a year ago, new battery.

This model of Roadtrek was called the Agile. It is about 21 feet long and fits in a regular parking space.  It is unique on the inside in that it has a small bathtub that works as the shower drain or kids bath.  It also doubles as storage and most of all a seat right by the bed.  This Roadtrek also has an over the driver storage department that slides.  That has been invaluable.  When you close all the curtains it feels bigger with bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living room dining room with chairs that swivle all separated.  It has a great bed, which transformers into a very comfortable dining table and padded benches.

I am only selling this because my health will no longer let me drive.  I hope you get as much Joy from it as I and my family have had in this wonderful vehicle.

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