(June 10, 2007) The Federal Communications Commission issued a public notice on Friday on the merger of XM and Sirius.  This officially
starts the clock ticking for the next 180 days when the FCC will
decide whether to okay the proposed new satellite radio joint venture.
The announcement opens the door for the public (anyone) to comment
until December.
  Of course that's only the beginning for Karmizon and company.  They must also get past the Justice Department for anti-trust as well as Congress which has already indicated they think it violates anti competitive rules.  The FCC, by the way, in granting the licenses to XM and Sirius had written that one licensee will "not be permitted to acquire control" of the other in order to insure
"sufficient continuing competition" 

More at  http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/ecfs
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