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Clear Channel Radio, today announced the following appointments to its new National Programming Platforms division: Dennis Clark, Vice President, Talent Development; Guy Zapoleon, Vice President, Digital Music Programming; Zena Burns, Vice President, Digital Programming Platforms; Darren Pfeffer, Vice President, Music & Entertainment Marketing and Alissa Pollack, Executive Vice President, Integrated Music Marketing. All positions are effecti...
Black Card Radio, a national radio syndicator, is now offering “An Original Christmas” – a 6 hour holiday special for broadcast on or around Christmas Day.  Stations may repeat the program for a 12-hour Christmas spectacular.
Created and hosted by radio programming veteran Jim Hampton," An Original Christmas is designed to captivate your audience by providing them with the perfect soundtrack for the Christmas season," accordi...
Steve McCoy

If you have a female on your on air staff-ask them if they kept a diary
as a young girl...if so, and they have it,ask them if they wouldn't mind
bringing it in...and have them look for certain funny passages.

In most cases it can be a real riot....the things young girls say-and knowing that
its coming from someone the audience knows,it makes it a very funny piece.
A character building bit


I have a friend who borrowed money from me...