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We want this to be a blessed time for you..the people in our industry work so hard under intense pressure at times.  May these few days at least be a time to rest, to be peaceful, to reflect on what we are doing and to decide on the energy for the upcoming year.  Here at New Radio Star, we are in humble admiration for you all and what you do..Happy New Year and most of all HAPPY CELEBRATION!

Bob Hamilton
Pamela Hamilton...
Before I get to this week's report, I want to say a big thank you to Ham and Pam, the two genius's behind New Radio Star. This service is the best investment you can make in your morning show! The library, the links, the daily reports from you and, in my humble opinion, the "This Morning" reports that show up like clockwork every morning are key elements for a winning show! There is nothing like it! Thanks Bob! Thanks Pam!

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