can't listen to my own radio station

by kevin manuel on 04/03/2018, 11:38 PM


 I have some problem with my radio station and it seems like no one is answering emails to support. Now I can't even listen to my own radio station every time I try it tells me This page can’t be displayed. so I try winamp and it tell me to listem on but I can't listen to it there either I use IE 11 but have the same problem with firefox and chrom so im lost as to what to do.Another problem I have is I upload files that have the right tags for artist and song title and the radionomy system renames the song something way off the wall and has nothing to do with the real song it took 6 songs and named them all the same but yet they were all different songs. And once the system renames a song I can't edit it because it locks the info anything I can do to fix this

Please help. 

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