by Bob Hamilton on 04/16/2008, 09:47 AM

Tags: convention

At the press party last night NAB Senior VP Dennis Wharton announced the number of attendees at this years NAB convention.... 105,259...that's at least in top five all time attendance records for the convention.  Keep in mind that this is the time of an American Airlines strike that at least scared some people to stay home, an economy that's in the crapper and $4 gasoline.  You would have expected this year's number of participants to be down..not so....

And despite our "image overseas" it was not enough to deter over 20,310 of those to be from other countries.  Add to that, an all time record 1296 reporters covering the event and you know why you had to hustle to get your food in the press room.  And while we're on that, Las Vegas convention employees who work every convention told us no press room was more accomodating than the NAB.  Food and other refreshments were overflowing in the press room..and the huge bank of computers are outfitted for every need with USB, firewire and every other bell and whistle that any reporter could need.