Ignore The Grammys-Paragon Post

by Bob Hamilton on 12/09/2008, 03:25 PM

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Paragon media sent us a blurb on their new blog that says since the Grammys are using their CBS telecast to attack radio, radio should return the favor and not promote the Grammys..I got news for you..the ratings were so bad for the last Grammy telecast that the general public was doing enough "ignoring" for everyone...

The complete Paragon post is here...The opening paragraph is below..Click on Read Mor on the lower right to see it...

Ignore The Grammy’s

10:45:16 am | Reinventing RadioMiscellaneous | Mike

The favorite past-time of other media, their PR organizations and now the Grammy Awards of all things, is to smear radio to the general public.  As others from radio have already chimed in to say (Bill Stakelin, Bob Neil, Randy Kabrich), the Grammy nominations television show opening theme that radio is no longer relevant is the ultimate slap in the face to radio so far. 

So here’s a short and sweet suggestion to the entire radio industry: