Why New Radio Star is on the Blogtronix social network platform

by Bob Hamilton on 11/13/2009, 12:57 PM

Tags: blogtronix , respond in real time

New Radio Star is about to celebrate its 27th anniversary...We were the first on line service for the radio industry and from the day we turned it on in February of 1983 until now, we have worked every day to know about and utilize the latest developed technology.  When we added color in the early 90s to sound to the move from a stand alone server to the internet there have been some milestones.  No leap was more significant than just over two years ago when we changed from a static html only based website to the Blogtronix social networking platform.  I tell you this, because sooner or later you'll realize that your old billboard/brochure site can take on a real life.  This past week I was asked by Blogtronix to write a short piece zeroing in on the ability of the Blogtronix platform to "respond in real time."  After sending it to them, I thought perhaps you might like to also see what I wrote, so you could consider the same idea for what you do...Here it is..

Respond in Real Time

For us, moving New Radio Star/Radio Superstar to the Blogtronix platform was like turning the lights on in the dark toy store and seeing all the toys light up and move. With Blogtronix, we changed from the many years of a plain old static website into a live event.

New Radio Star's Superstar is a social network of morning radio shows across the U.S. Canada and New Zealand, whose ultimate success depends on getting pertinent information as quickly as possible in a harried, pressured day, in order to correctly inform millions of listeners. Much of what they use comes from each other. In the "html only" days we emailed,attached,downloaded, tweaked code and put up deadlines that everybody waited on so they could get the information for their show.  Now, on the Blogtronix platform, users post their information, add video, pictures, soundfiles and hyperlinks, even while they're on the air.  They hit "POST" and the world can get their ideas instantly.  Depending on how you look at it, deadlines are either gone completely, or they happen every second of every hour of every day.

With categories and tag clouds, rather than comb through pages of menus, the Radio Superstar user has exactly what they need in two clicks.  And with RSS feeds, even a small company like ours is updated 24 hours a day. We, ultimately shut off the lights and head for a few hours of sleep, but, with Blogtronix, New Radio Star continues to update itself so that our members get the very latest information possible, no matter when, day or night, they sign on.

And, as an administrator, when one of our subscribing shows needs something changed or added on the website, we are able to grab modules and change the page immediately. This puts us at a distinct advantage over our competition.  While they're "sending those ideas to design," our members have already gotten the new information.

With the power of its applications Blogtronix is the perfect platform for large enterprises.  But, it's also perfect for small businesses like New Radio Star.  Without the benefit of a large staff of people Blogtronix does the work to make us into a live event, and not a static, seldom updated website.  And, in today's world of the Internet everywhere, all the time, this is highly critical to anyone who is serious about success in today's marketplace.


Bob Hamilton