Live from the NAB convention

by Bob Hamilton on 04/12/2008, 11:41 AM

Tags: convention

It's Saturday, April 12, 2008 and we are coming to you from the NAB convention in Las Vegas...The fabulous Post Production workshop is on right now...(started yesterday) and there are other early functions taking place, but the convention itself really doesn't get underway until Monday morning.  This year's convention is centered around "content" ...more specifically, "Where content comes to life" (finally, after 40 years of attending this convention they finally got around to us)....There are some pretty amazing displays coming starting Monday morning, including 3D-HD TV....

For us, there are a couple of new ways of doing things...not the least of which is WI-FI everywhere!  Thank you ....The other is the exciting new software we discovered by a company called Comvu.  With our Motorola Q cell phone we are able to go live from any event...And while we are live it is recording the audio and video back to the Comvu servers so you can see them later...To see the videos we have tested  Click here

The quality is not the greatest because it's coming to you on a 1.3 camera...but it's the live on the run version that counts....We have a high end camera also, but that will come from various venues and will be recorded for later viewing....

Any way, check back with us never know what we might pick up for you at the convention