Who's most powerful in the music biz 2007? Blender releases list

by Bob Hamilton on 07/18/2007, 08:32 PM

Tags: record business


Only one traditional record industry person was named to Blender magazine's Top 10 most influential people in web music list released yesterday.  The online music magazine will publish its Powergeek 25 list in the upcoming issue...Steve Jobs is the obvious peek for #1 on the list "compiled to show the behind-scenes-players reshaping the way people listen to, buy and watch music.  Only 68 year old Doug Morris, who has been a leader in moving music from Universal to the web made the top 10 from the old fashioned record business...here's Blenders Top Ten

1.  Steve Jobs (Apple)

2.  Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolve, (Myspace.com

3.  Chad Hurley and Steve Chen (Youtube.com)

4.  Doug Morris (Universal Music Group chairman/CEO)

5.  Ryan Schreiber,(Web magazine Pitchfork,

6.  Ian Rogers: Yahoo! Music (music portal)

7.  Martin Stinksel and Felix Miller: Last.FM (music community site)

8.  Greg Bildson: LimeWire (file-sharing program)

9.  Christian Schmid: RapidShare (file-hosting service)

10. Coran Capshaw: MusicToday (online