by Bob Hamilton on 05/29/2008, 11:06 AM

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Arbitron and Sandusky Radio Sign Multi-Year Agreement for Portable People MeterTM Radio Rating Services

Broadcaster signs for 10 stations in two top markets

Arbitron Inc. (NYSE:ARB) today announced that Sandusky Radio, owner of 10 stations in the Seattle and Phoenix markets, has signed multi-year contracts for Portable People MeterTM radio ratings services.

Five stations are licensed in Phoenix including KDKB-FM, KDUS-AM, KSLX-FM, KUPD-FM and KAZG-AM. These join the five stations announced last week in Seattle (KIXI-AM, KQMV-FM, KKNW-AM, KWJZ-FM and KRWM-FM). These agreements will take effect as and when Arbitron commercializes the new audience ratings technology in Phoenix and Seattle.

Over the next three years, Arbitron is scheduled to deploy the Portable People Meter in the top 50 markets in place of the paper diary method that the company has used to collect radio audience estimates since 1965.