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List for Monday, October 1, 2012

slap someone with a toilet brush month Carve a pumpkin to look like Jim Carrey month Fax naked pictures of yourself to the white house month Take an epilady to your neighbor's annoying cat month Make an omelet in your shorts month Roll naked in thumbtacks then jump in a barrel of alcohol month Give a friend an enema month Bleed till you pass out month Have cybersex at work month Dip your ass in chocolate month Taunt a midget month Fart in an elevator month Lick a homeless guy month Call your boss "dickhead" month Do the macarena in church month Eat ham in temple month Wear your wife's undies month Discover Scientology month Dress up like a goat for Halloween month Annoy a pitbull month Rub lemon on a flesh wound month Pierce your penis month Shove a 12 inch steel rod through your head month Lather a squirrel month Pee in your pants laughing month ----- October is National Adopt-A-Dog Month, so the Morning Show presents Differences between a dog and a date...

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motive, and she rose, within the morning, with a mind, weakened and irresol ute, plus a frame, trembling with illness.

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"With what apter simile, he continued, "can this person describe an imperishable set of verses which he heard this morning falling from your lips of the wandering musician like a sevenroped cable of pearls pouring into a silver bucket?

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Immediately after coffee, which, just like the roast, was in my honour, the aunt informed her niece to consider care to awake me during the morning when she got cheap nike shox r4 for women shoe up.

List for Friday, May 11, 2012

Put on your prettiest dress every morning.

Hollystar for Thursday, May 6, 2010

Elisabeth Hasselbeck broke down in tears apologizing on "The View" on Wednesday morning

Hollystar for Friday, December 14, 2007

30 Rock's Tina Fey, however, says she's going: "I am excited and very grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press, and I look forward to being the least glamorous person at the Golden Globe Awards."Here are the Golden Globe nominations announced Thursday morning, December 13...The nominations for the 65th Annual Golden Globe Awards are: MOTION PICTURE - DRAMA"American Gangster" - Imagine Entertainment/Scott Free Productions;

This Morning for Monday, June 11, 2007

  ***THE NEW RADIO STAR -THIS MORNING- FOR Monday, June 11, 2007***SIX PEOPLE SHOT TO DEATH IN DELVAN, WISCONSIN..TWO YEAR OLD SURVIVEDResponding to neighbor's reports of gunfire police stormed a rental house in this town of about 8, 000 in southern Wisconsin.  ... if they wanted me to do it for a few more months, I would do it." --------------------------------------------------------------------------WEATHERMostly dry morning in the U.S...the except is Missouri where heavy rain will cover the southern half of the state..trickling into northeastern Oklahoma..some rain in parts of South Carolina as well...that will move north into North Carolina and Virginia as the day progresses..rain developing in central Florida and by tonight it will cover most of the state.By tonight rain will hit New England and that rain in Oklahoma will spreadnorth into Kansas and eastern Texas...and spread into southwest Texas also.Coolest today in the northwest..Seattle will only get up to 59..but the mountain states will be in the 80s..Denver up to 89...90 is the high in Minneapolis..80s across the rest of the upper midwest, but cool in the northeastwhere Boston will have a high of 70...80s in the center of the U.S.


Pamela began her career at KDWB in Minneapolis, where she spent several years before joining Bob in New York in 1982 where they conducted music research and published a weekly newsletter. New Radio Star also owns Radio Superstar, the industry's original on line morning show service.


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