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Half Moon Bay's Triathlon Action
Takes Place In Front of
Pillar Point RV Park

I have said it before and I'll say it again. There's always something going on at Pillar Point RV Park.   Today, April 19th, 2015 was the 1st annual Half Moon Bay Triathlon.

838 athletes braved the freezing water and down right cold morning temperatures as they swam, biked and ran through the course.  It was definitely a gray day...the clouds and haze never...
We just have to let you know about the best place to get coffee.  

Often in the morning I see folks returning from the parking lot with their Starbucks cups.  I think to myself, why did you get in your car and drive 4 miles, wait in line and drive 4 miles back, when the best coffee you can have is right across the street at El Granada Hardware and Cafe.    Yeah, I know...don't let the name fool you.   This...
It was a lively week at
Pillar Point RV Park! 

Kids on spring break always make for a celebratory feeling here.  Kids on bikes, BBQ's fired up, late nights around the campfire. I would say it was a terrific week with lots of good weather.

Two things in particular really caused some commotion.  

A 7 month old baby seal, weighing about 16 pounds, was found on the jetty rocks in front of the park Tuesday afternoon.   T...
Probably the most incredible view of the entire bay area is just a 35 minute drive from Pillar Point Rv Park...You will
want to visit Twin Peaks. At an elevation of 925 it is just a few feet lower than the highest point in the bay area, Mount Davidson.
The Ohlone indians freqented these hills centuries ago. The first Spanish conquistadors named the mountain, "Los Pechos de la Chola"...breasts of the indian maiden."  When the Americans took ov...
Free Viewing Party at AT&T Park at 6PM Tonight

It's an exciting time for major league sports in the bay area.  The World Series Champion San Francisco Giants officially begin the 2015 season today and the Golden State Warriors are finishing
their year with the best record in the NBA and getting ready for the playoffs.

The Giants will begin play today in Arizona against the
Diamondbacks, but, that doesn't mean opening day won't also be obs...


April 4, 1015.  The third of four lunar eclipses was seen perfectly at Pillar Point RV Park in Half Moon Bay, just 20 minutes south of San Francisco, California.

While the actual eclipse, where the moon is totally covered by Earth's shadow only lasts approximately five minutes, the entire event, where the shadow approaches, crosses and departs view on the moon lasted three and a half hours.

The eclipse took place at 4:58 t...


Union Street Easter Parade
April 5, at 10 am-5 pm

San Francisco’s annual Spring Celebration & Easter Parade is not your average street fair or formal parade. It is best described as wonderful, wacky, elegant and fabulous, with everything from roller-blading cows and creative self-propelled mini-floats to garden areas, sophisticated fashions and beautiful classic and art car...

Here are some of the pets who joined us at
Pillar Point RV Park this March!  

When you stay at Pillar Point RV Park in Half Moon Bay it's hard to imagine how quickly you can be in the city for the incredible events that take place.  April 1st is the annual St. Stupid's Parade (the 37th annual).  It will begin at the Embarcadero Center (at the foot of Market Street and proceed "thru the financial district, (the weekend version is thru North Beach). This DIY parade will stop at the traditional Stations of Stupid; the Federa...
Pillar Point RV Park is now the best place to stay if you want to ride a Segway!

If the beach, surfing, kayaking, paddleboarding, hiking, biking and restaurants aren't enough for you, now you can rent a segway and have it delivered right to your rig!  You can join in any specialized tour or plot your own route right from Pillar Point RV Park.

If you call Silicon Segway and ask for Mary, she will set you up to get segway lessons, tours, a ren...

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