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Thanksgiving Dinner Cost Tops $50 in 2015

According to the American Farm Bureau, the average cost of Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people exceeded $50 for the first time since the group began tracking it in 1986.

The total price of the feast increased 70 cents (or 1.4%) to $50.11 from 2014. The average cost of food for the celebration has remained around $49 since 2011.

The most expensive item on the holiday dinner list is a 16-pound turkey, which cos...
The Half Moon Bay Annual Pumpkin Festival kicks off  every year with the pumpkin weigh off. California farmers didn't have great luck this year because of the drought.  Instead, Steve Daletas, of  Pleasant Hill, Oregon, wins the Half Moon Bay giant pumpkin weigh-off with 1,969-pounder.  Steve wins about $11,800 but, it failed to break the record and get the grand priize of $30,000.  

Thanks to Aaron Kinney - Reporter for the San Mateo County ...

Another month has passed and we met so many new pet friends.  Here's a look at most of the pets who visited Pillar Point RV Park in September....

I have to admit, I didn't get a darn thing done today!  Instead, I spent the day on the jetty watching an entire circus of sea animals in a feeding frenzy...and I was not alone.  The jetty was full of adults and kids all squealing with delight as they saw Surfer's Beach near the jetty teeming with life.    Cars stopped along Highway One, so much so, that police made several announcements on their speakers about moving al...

As I always say, "You never know what you'll see when you're at Pillar Point RV Park."  Today was no different....

Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival
October 17–18, 2015 * 9am to 5pm
Main Street, Half Moon Bay, California

The fields around Half Moon Bay are turning orange! And you know what that means....
The Pumpkin Festival and
The Safeway Pumpkin Weigh Off!

The Weigh-Off
Heavyweight Championship of Gargantuan Gourds
October 12, 2015 7am to 11am
Main Street, Half Moon Bay, California

The $30,000 prize money this year is believed to be the greatest, by fa...

See that black mass out there in the ocean?   It's not an oil slick or even a cloud shadow.
It's a flock of sea birds, as far as the eye can see from one side of Half Moon Bay to the other.  The birds are called Shearwaters.  There are 30 different kinds of shearwaters, and we believe these are sooty shearwaters.   These birds live on the water and come on land only to breed.   They migrate up to 40,000 mil...

Another Amazing Squid Season Is Here! 
(When the squid are gone, the season is over...)

This season, 8 fishing boats who catch for Southern Cal Seafood, are bringing in approximately 600 tons of squid a day into Pillar Point Harbor says the Harbor Master.
Each boat can bring in 100 tons of the delicacy. 

Squid fishing takes place during the night.  The fishermen shine bright lights into the water and the squid come to the.......


Every so often something really special happens with a Pillar Point RV Park guest that brings joy to others in the park.   Our friends, Ron and Ilene brought their top notch karaoke machine with them on their last visit along with a huge folder of CD's all cross referenced and alphabetized by artist or song!

Ron has a passion for singing and each day he'd start crooning around 4pm.    Within a half hour or ...
Pet Photo of the Month

We had so many pets visit us at Pillar Point RV Park in August!    Watch the video below.


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