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4000 Cabrillo Hwy., Half Moon Bay, CA  94019

(650) 712-9277 

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Our RV Park is a first come, first served park, 

 so we do not take reservations.

$84.00 for Ocean View Sites per night

$67.20 for Partial View Sites per night

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2nd Annual
Fish & Fleet Festival

Pillar Point Harbor
Half Moon Bay, CA

Sunday, September 18, 2016

One of the real perks of staying at Pillar Point RV Park is the availability of fresh, local seafood.
Whether buying from the fish market at the harbor, right off the boat from the fisherman who caught it or catching it yourself right off the jetty, fresh fish and seasonal crab are bountiful.

Last year, Pillar Point Harbor created a new ...
When we arrived back at Pillar Point at the end of July, I was told that the bay had been full of whales for the past month!   There were so many whales at one time, in fact, people stopped along Hwy 1 to watch.  Even the news crews showed up! 

I was so disappointed thinking I missed it all.  However, about a week later, I was sitting at the table in my rig, working on my computer and suddenly I saw a whale, right next t...
Officials with the California Department of Public Health have issued a warning for people to avoid eating rock crabs caught in either Half Moon Bay or Monterey Bay.  Levels of domoic acid that are 10 times the accepted amount have been found in the crabs.   Additionally, the Department warned consumers to avoid eating "bivalve" shellfish caught in Monterey Bay...that includes oysters, clams, mussels, scallops and other ...
If you are staying at Pillar Point RV Park over the next four weekends you can experience a special treat just five minutes from the Park.  The Half Moon Bay Shakespeare's company annual performance has just opened and will continue through today and the next three weekends.  The Tragedy of MacBeth is this year's production.  This year, evening performances will be augmented by 2pm matinees on several days.  The performance takes place in Carter...
118 San Mateo Rd.
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Friday-Saturday 7am-11pm
Sunday-Thursday 6am-10pm

The new Dunkin' Donuts is now open!  

Pillar Point RV Park is alive with nature...from the whales and fish in the ocean, to the birds in the sky.   While we are out enjoying ourselves, it's important to keep a special eye on our pets...especially when there are bees around.

Dogs are fascinated with the various smells and small insect movements in gardens and along hiking trails, so the chances that they will encounter a bee or wasp along the way is very possible.

Just as the...

Coastside Farmer's Markets

Visiting the Farmer's Market is one of the best things you can do while you stay at Pillar Point RV Park.

According to their website, the Certifed Market community was created in 2002 to link Coastside residents with their neighbors...the Coastside farmers, ranchers, fishermen and culinary artisans that produce some of the most beautiful, nutritious and creative food in the world.

Gourmet Magazine described the Half Moon ...

Any time is the right time to come to Pillar Point RV Park and enjoy the beach.  However, there are many exciting events that happen here in Half Moon Bay during the fall that you don't want to miss.   Here's a list of upcoming events to mark on your calendar.

First, there is a really great Farmer's Market every Saturday, 9am-1pm, May-Dec, at Shoreline Station, located downtown at Kelly Street and Highway 1. (Behind the caboose!)...


If you are RVing anywhere in nature, you're going to find ants.  Bless their tiny little bodies that work so hard for their queen, but they cannot be tolerated in your RV.

Ants send out scouts who scour the area, looking for suitable food and water sources. If one crawls up your RV tire, water hose, power cable, etc and eventually finds something inside your rig, he leaves a little smell trail of pheromones. &n...

While no personal fireworks are allowed at Pillar Point RV Park, Half Moon Bay or its' surrounding communities, there will be a grand fireworks show in San Francisco.

Pillar Point is the perfect place to stay if you have a mind to attend the grand 4th of July celebrations that take place on Pier 39!   Just hop up to the BART station in Colma, (directions below) and take BART to the Embarcadero.

The free celebratio...