For the quick trip for milk or toilet paper there's Easy Mart located directly across from Pillar Point Harbor.  It's a good 3-4 block walk but what a beautiful walk it is.   Take the path that runs right in front of Pillar Point RV Park and head toward the Harbor.  When you get to the harbor, cross Highway 1 at the stop light and Easy Mart is right there.    They also have gas, propane tank exchange, tobacco products and one of the only places in town that sell "septic safe" toilet paper for your RV.    Think of it as sort of a 7-11 type store.  (no fresh meat or produce)

El Granada Market is a little further away, but still within walking distance if you're used to walking.    You get there the same way as to Easy Mart, but when you cross Highway One, you head back south for 2-3 blocks.   They have most of what you may be looking for but no fresh meat and very limited produce.   Not sure it's worth the extra walk if you can find what you need at Easy Mart. 

El Granada Hardware and Cafe is located almost directly across the field from Pillar Point RV Park.  If you take the bike path about half a block south, you'll see a worn path that goes across the field.   The store is mostly hardware.  You can get a sandwich, a soda and ice cream there....and maybe they'll sell you a cup of milk if you need it desperately, but they don't sell anything like that regularly.  Just some candy bars and the sandwiches....and lots of! 

Across the street from El Granada Hardware and Cafe is also the Post Office.
It's perfect if you want to send a letter or package. 


70 Cabrillo Highway North 
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Open 24 Hours

Features bakery, deli, floral, fish market, liquor and 1 hour photo

Take a right onto Highway 1 as you exit Pillar Point RV Park.  Travel about 2.5 miles.   Safeway will be on your right in the Strawflower Shopping Center.

Also in the center you'll find a 24 hour CVS drug store, a Hallmark store, UPS store, Jamba Juice, McDonalds, Subway, USBank, a dry cleaners, a donut shop, a pet supply store among others...

New Leaf Community Market
150 San Mateo Road   (Highway 92)
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
(650) 726-3110

Hours:  Mon-Sun 7 am - 9 pm

Think Whole Foods but smaller and friendlier staff...but pricey
Ask for John if you have any questions about wine...he's very helpful.

Turn right onto Hwy 1 as you exit Pillar Point RV Park.   Travel 3 miles to Highway 92.
Take a left onto Highway 92.  New Leaf will be on your left.

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