10151 Cabrillo Highway North 
El Granada, CA 94018


Flavor restaurant describes itself as "California Comfort Food".    Don't let the outside of the building fool you.  Once you open the large double doors, you're in another world...warm and cozy.   The first thing you see is the bar where they serve beer and wine.  Two big screen TV's...you can eat there or just have a glass of wine.

We sat in the intimate dining room. I loved the tables with brown linens and napkins, topped with a small piece of kraft paper.   The silverware is kept in a great little container on the table.

Our waitress, Kristin, gave us genuinely friendly service and brought us the most delicious, flavorful food.   Everything here is made in house...from their ketchup to their pastries.

We started with a great home made bread, oil and a basalmic reduction.

The menu focuses on healthy and fresh twists of traditional comfort food.  You'll find braised short ribs, but shredded and served on a crostini with avocado verde, cilantro and jalapeno.   You can order mac and cheese where you choose the toppings like peas, chicken, broccoli, squash or bacon.   Their side dishes include polenta souffle, vegetable risotto, zucchini-cauliflower gratin and more.   They also offer three kinds of pot pies...seafood, chicken and vegetarian.   There are steaks, chicken, pasta and a daily seafood chef special.  

The night we were there, the special was halibut on a bed of pan seared spinach and crab (among other things) topped with a mango salsa.

Lunch time offers a vast array of burgers including turkey and vegetarian versions, sandwiches and noodles.

While Hamilton went for the fresh halibut and chips, I just had to try a burger.  I have to say it was the best burger I've ever tasted.  I didn't even need ketchup!  It had an aioli sauce, spicy cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion...juicy on an in house made bun...and the garlic fries!  Thin cut, crispy with herbs and garlic that tasted flavorful...not like garlic with some fries under it!   Along with that, came a ramekin of mac 'n cheese with a crumb topping...sooo good!  I asked for some ketchup just to taste what the chefs had whipped up and even that was delicious. 

Ham loved his big serving of fish and fries and finished it all.

For dessert, we chose the ice cream sandwiches made with warm, fresh baked cookies.  One was peanut butter cookie with chocolate ice cream, a chocolate cookie with mint chip ice cream, and the third one had ginger and not sure what it was other than delicious.

Moderately priced considering the large portions.

Mon, Wed-Sun 11 am - 10 pm (closed Tuesday)

Accepts Credit Cards
Reservations are suggested on Friday and Saturday nights


Take a left onto Hwy 1 as you exit Pillar Point RV Park.   It's only about a half mile up the road.  Take a right when you come to the first stop light.   Flavor is right there at the intersection.  

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