3 Serramonte Ctr
Daly City, CA
(650) 992-8686

I don't care how wonderful and healing the pacific ocean is, or how dramatic the sunset, sometimes you must indulge in some serious retail therapy.    Besides, what are holidays for?   While there are a number of boutiques and shops in and around Half Moon Bay, sometimes you just need a Macys...

Serramonte Mall is located in Daly City and is about half an hour north on Highway 1.   You take the 280/Serramonte exit, stay on Serramonte and you're there.   Some of the surrounding stores include Home Depot and Costco.

Anchor stores include Macy's, J.C. Penney and Target Greatland

The mall itself is made up of 130 stores that are fairly typical to any given regional mall.   It's laid out in the shape of an + so it's easy to navigate and is all on one level.  It's clean, well maintained and has lots of parking. 

Here's a list of all the stores in the mall and their phone numbers:

Mondays - Saturdays

10 AM - 9 PM


11 AM - 7 PM

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