390 Capistrano Rd.
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
(650) 728-2739

For Reservations:   (650) 728-BREW(2739

So if you really want to delve into the local flavor, whether it's to socialize over a brew, listen to some music or enjoy a great meal, you must stop by Half Moon Bay Brewing Company. 

There's so much to say about Half Moon Bay Brewing Company and I have become such a big fan, that I beg your indulgence while I tell you about this little gem.   (Scroll down and you find a slideshow of photos taken from several of our visits...)

Fresh!  Most everything is created right in the restaurant.  That means the soups, stews, the breads and dressings are made right there.   Being next to the harbor, the seafood can't get any fresher.   They serve only sustainable seafood on their menu.

Friendly!  We were greeted warmly and by the time we left, we felt like we had some new friends.   While you are there, don't be shy about asking to say hello to Chef Gaston.  He's a character and a lovely man.  I'm sure he'll be happy to surprise you with a special treat.   Tell him you're friends with RVdream, and you might even get a hug!  
Affordable!   The absolute best prices in town.   A great value.   Hamilton loved the Vo...a Portuguese fish stew...incredible.  And when you order nachos with chicken at the bar, get ready.  There's not shredded chicken, there's full breasts of marinated, grilled chicken.  Man, oh man, it doesn't get any better than that!

Tuesdays from 5p-7p get pampered by Chef Gaston in the bar as he personally presents his bite size creations of the day for your consideration.   Chef Gaston's approach to cooking is to "play with food".  Trying combinations, adding this or a touch of that for fun gives birth to many of the restuarants finer dishes.   Last Tuesday he had some home made beef chorizo wrapped in an egg roll that was to die for. 

A monthly schedule of events, music and drink specials are here:


The brewery does exactly what the name suggests.  They brew all their own beer right there on site.  There's a vast selection all under the Maverick's label, including a number of seasonal beers and ales and with this being an election year, you can also vote red or blue with either an Obama brew or a Romney recipe...

You can order a 4oz sample tray of all their brews and sip each before you decide which way you'd like to go.   Here's a list of their brews: 

It's also the perfect place if you want to host a family reunion or an RV gathering.  The restaurant has a beer garden, patio areas where pets are welcome, fireplaces, several different rooms and an off site center on the ocean for meetings or even weddings..
Check out their event center: http://tinyurl.com/8745lp4
Here is a video of an event being held there: http://vimeo.com/31831509

If you want to drive your tow vehicle, there's plenty of parking, however, you can walk right from Pillar Point RV Park.   Just follow the path that runs along the ocean, through the harbor and then go to your left when you hit Capistrano.  It will be on your right next to the Oceano hotel.

In the vehicle, turn left onto Hwy 1 as you exit Pillar Point RV Park.  Take a left at the stop light that is located at the mouth of the Pillar Point Harbor entrance.   Continue on Capistrano past the Oceano Hotel.   HMB Brewing Co will be on your right.


Monday - Thursday  11:30am - 9pm (restaurant) 10pm (bar)

Friday 11:30am -10pm (restaurant) 11pm (bar)

Saturday 11:00am - 10pm (restaurant) 11pm (bar)

Sunday OPEN 11:00am - CLOSE 9pm (restaurant) 10pm (bar)

Mary Oldham, head of sales at Half Moon Bay Brewing Company gave us a tour


    And, Gastone gave us a treat!

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