To be honest, the best information about the different state parks and beaches can be found at this website...

We have had so much fun just taking off south on Highway 1 and stopping often at all the beaches and parks.   There are a ton of beautiful photo opportunities along the way. 

Bean Hollow (the first one heading south) is amazing with its Tafoni, tidepools and agate beach.
Scotts Creek Beach is one of the best to see kite surfers
Ano Nuevo is home to elephant seals
Pigeon Point Lighthouse is a very romantic spot
Point Montara Lighthouse is also something you don't want to miss (No. on Hwy One 3 miles)

Before you go to a state park, make sure dogs are welcome.   Ano Nuevo doesn't allow dogs at all...not even in the car.

If you want to take a trip and must leave your pet at home, check with Frank right here at the park and he'll walk your beloved and make sure they are cared for while you are gone...

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