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As you head north on Hwy 1, you'll pass through Moss Beach and Monterra and through the part of the road locals call "Devil's Slide".

There, you'll notice something that stands on top of the mountain, overlooking the ocean...it's not a statue, not a natural land formation!   So what is it? 

It's a WWII Gun Turret.  Several of these turrets were built along the California coast in this area to be on the watch for Japanese aircraft and submarines.  During 1941 and 1942, more than 10 Japanese submarines operated off the West Coast.

This one, for some reason, has had the earth around it removed, laying it bare for all to see.     At another point along the road, you'll see a set of stairs that go up the mountain and appear to go nowhere.   The steps lead to another turret, but this time, it has kept it's mountain camouflage.  Signs around all the installations warn of no hiking or trespassing, although we do see people walking up to take a look quite regularly.  Mark my words, however, it is a very dangerous area with narrow roads and steep drop-offs into the Pacific.

Perhaps by the time you read this, the new tunnel will be open.  It's August 2012 now and the tunnel is slated to be opened no later than March 2013.  The tunnel will create safer passage around Devil's Slide, which also has a tendency to wash out during winter storms.

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