One of the many things I love about being at Pillar Point RV Park is that there is a Farmer's Market within walking distance every Sunday from 10am-4pm, year round.

Obviously the fruits and vegetables offered vary by season, but there other vendors there that sell fish and fresh meat, sausage, fresh bread, honey, nuts, cupcakes, kettle corn, goat cheese, hummus and more.   

I talked to Frankie who has the fruit stand on the far left end of the market.  The fruits are grown on his family farm and picked fresh for the market.   I have especially loved the white peaches, nectarines, plums, grapes and cantelope.   Frankie and his fiancee are getting married on the last day of the picking season this year, so leave a tip in the "Honeymoon" jar! 
("Fruit doesn't pick itself" he says...)

Organizers ask that dogs are either kept at home or in the car.

Beside the market, there are pony rides, a petting zoo and usually a bounce house.  Occasionally there's a zipline or rock wall.  

There are also several booths of people selling jewelry and plants in the atrium of the Oceano Hotel.  There are a number of full time shops in there as well.   There's a great little saltwater taffy store, a pizza place, a bike rental, book store, a couple of boutiques exercise rooms and a spa. 

The Farmer's market is located in the parking lot of the Oceano hotel.    To walk, you just follow the bike path north, and walk past the boat landing and harbor to the far side of the "Crab Landing" restaurant.   You'll see all the white pop-up tents.  

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