It's September 29, 2012 and even though Halloween is a month away, I just couldn't help but stop by Farmer John's Pumpkin Farm.   It just looked like so much fun from the road with the stalks of corn, Indian Teepee, hay bales and tractor for kids to climb on.   They have cute red wagons for you to pull to gather your treasures.  

I was surprised as I walked around the beautiful displays because I have never seen so many different sizes and colors of pumpkins before in my life!   The prices were also great.  I picked out  2 medium pumpkins and two smaller decorator pumpkins only $7 bucks!    They also have goose-neck gourds which are incredible to look at.

Besides pumpkins, they also sell pumpkin seeds to grow your own giant pumpkin that will reach between 250-500 pounds!

Farmer John's Pumpkin Farm is located just north of Half Moon Bay on Highway 1
on the ocean side of the highway.  Look for the giant Indian Teepee! 

Farmer John's Pumpkin Farm
850 North Cabrillo Highway
Half Moon Bay, CA
(650) 726-4980

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