Top 10 Reasons And More To Love Pillar Point RV Park
in Half Moon Bay, California

Just so you know, this started out to be a Top Ten list, but quickly became more than that.  Ask anyone here, especially those who come time and time again as often as they can, why they keep coming back and you'll hear some of the same reasons we've listed below.   I'm not sure what gets me so attached, perhaps it's the fresh smell of the ocean, the delight of watching the waves crash into the rocks and send sprays of water dancing into the air or just the ability to be alone with your thoughts on the beach while you look at the sailboats and daydream about an adventure. Everyone has their own reasons, but more than anything, it's a place where you can leave your troubles behind and just enjoy the beauty and magnificence of nature.

So, without further ado, here is our formerly Top Ten list, now Top 20 list!

1. 180 degrees of beautiful ocean and beach is right in front of you.

 2. The sound of the waves and birds lull you into total relaxation


3. Friendly hosts and neighbors

4. A country setting, yet close to shopping in Half Moon Bay, San Francisco and other Bay area cities.

5. Great local restaurants within walking distance

6. Bike/walking path that takes you north to Mavericks and the local farmer's  market and south to Half Moon Bay or the Ritz Carlton for a round of golf

7. Plenty of space for riding bikes and building sandcastles on the beach

8. Full hookups: water, electricity,dump, cable, TV and Wifi

9. Clean and all paved sites

10.  Safe, secure and well lit at night but you can still see the stars

11.  Gardens and delightful landscaping.

12. Dog friendly with great space for them to run and explore the beach.

13.  Oh my goodness, let's not forget the exquisite sunsets!

14.  Perfect for watching dolphins, pelicans and people!

15.Boat launch and kayaking just a stone's throw down the bike path

16.  2 light houses, dozens of tide pools, over a dozen beaches, historic landmarks, weekly farmer's markets, and much more to see

17. The annual Pumpkin Festival and Dream Machines events

18.  Fresh fish for dinner not a problem, just go to the harbor to see what the    fishermen brought home today!

19.  Easy to get to major league sporting events and San Francisco by using BART.  (Bay Area Rapid Transit)

20.  Once you're here, you'll never want to leave...

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