The Lady Washington visits Pillar Point Harbor!

We saw the Lady Washington arrive as she sailed full mast past Pillar Point RV Park.    The ship was available for a free tour for two days and you could book a one hour or three hour ride. 

There are 12 deckhands who man the ship, all of whom were dressed in period clothing for the walk on tours.  They answered every question and demonstrated how to use the rutter, set off the cannon and more.  

Lady Washington Facts:

Lady Washington is a reproduction of a ship of the same name that sailed in the
latter half of the 1700s. She is 112 feet long (including all that pointy parts) and built of wood to be as authentic a reproduction as practical and is the official tall ship of the state of Washington.

designed by Ray Wallace
Built in 1989 by Grays Harbor Historical Seaport
Based at Aberdeen, Washington

Boat's website:

The tall ship has appeared in several motion pictures, including the 2003 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, and the 1994 Star Trek: Generations. The ship appeared in the October 21st Once Upon A Time episode titled “The Crocodile,” playing the role of Captain Hook’s vessel, the Jolly Roger.


The Lady Washington spends six months a year sailing up and down the California coast.

Her 2012-2013 ports of call:

Redondo Beach (Lady Washington only): November 21 to December 5.
Chula Vista (Lady Washington only): December 7-18.
Antioch (Hawaiian Chieftain only): December 10-18.
San Pedro: December 20 to January 1, 2013 (Hawaiian Chieftain after Dec 23)
Newport Beach: January 2-13.
Long Beach: January 14-16.
Oxnard: January 17-28.
Ventura: January 29 to February 11.
TBD: February 12-18.
San Francisco: February 23-27.
Oakland: February 28 to March 6.
Redwood City: March 7-19.
Sausalito: March 20 to April 1.
Bodega Bay: April 2-8.
Eureka: April 11-17.
Crescent City: April 19-29.

Tickets are available for public excursions online or by calling 800-200-5239

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