Harley Goat Farm and Dairy is located in historic Pescadero, California.

205 North Street
Pescadero, CA  94060

Open Daily 10am-9pm

If you are staying at Pillar Point RV Park, simply head south on Highway One
(Cabrillo Highway) and go about 15 miles.  You'll see the Pescadero sign on
the left, across from Pescadero State Beach directing you east two miles. 
Pass straight through town and you'll see the dairy on the left.  
(The field of goats is also a good giveaway....)

The farm is rustic and picturesque.  It's just wonderful to walk about
the grounds, visit the goats and then sample all the different kinds
of goat cheese.  They also have olive oil and jam tastings. 
Plus plenty of that glorious goat cheese to take home!

The mature goats are milked twice a day. Each goat will produce

a gallon of milk a day. That gallon makes one pound of cheese.

The mature and younger females graze during the day and are
 protected by llamas in the fields.

If you'd like an official "hands on" tour, it's $20 per person and you must
make a reservation.  The farm also offers monthly fresh harvest
luncheons and dinners.   These are very popular and you
will want to check the schedule and make reservations.
You can do that here: 

Here are a few photos I took when my daughter, Honey and I
 visited in December during their Holiday Faire.

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