Today at Pillar Point RV Park

The wind was blowing and a bit chilly, but it made for some great waves and at least two dozen surfers were out taking advantage of the action on Surfer Beach.  They were joined by windsurfers, kite surfers and some Stand Up Paddling (SUP) surfers.

The waves were beautiful to watch as they crashed into the rocks and the surfers were entertaining as they made their runs.  In California terms, it was freezing cold, and although everyone in the water were in wetsuits, heads, hands and feet were often not. 

I watched and took photos most of the day which ended in a most dramatic sunset. I don't know the reason, but the birds were all swarming together over the bay as the sun began to go down.   Truly an amazing sight. 

Here's a :60 slide show to demonstrate the gist of the day. 

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